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Programmes and Competitions

National Training Centre at Singapore Sports School

Singapore Swimming Association has established Singapore Sports School as the second National Training Centre (NTC) to support swimmers who aspire to represent Singapore. The additional training centre will allow for greater access to high-performance joint training with dedicated NTC coaches and sports scientists from Singapore Sports Institute (SSI) and National Youth Sports Institute (NYSI), to groom a larger and stronger generation of swimmers. High-performing athletes who are not studying in Sports School can also stay at the boarding facilities within the campus to maximise their time.

Athletes can apply to the NTC at Sports School via three pathways, namely the Major Games pathway, the Performance pathway, and the Singapore Sports School pathway. Athletes on the first two pathways need not be studying in the Sports School. More details can be found in the table below. 

1. Major Games Pathway

2. Performance Pathway

3. Singapore Sports School Pathway

Pre-requisite: Swimmer Times/ Records in any event that surpasses SEA Games Qualifying Standard

Pre-requisite: Swimmer must have a minimum of 650 FINA points across any event

Pre-requisite: Enroll into Sports School as a student-athlete:

(a) At Secondary 1; 

(b) Mid-Stream transfer into the Secondary programme; or

(c) Admission into the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme or Polytechnic Diploma Programmes


Additional Requirement: Athlete must seek clearance from their current Club/Coach. Applicants under the Performance Pathway will need to submit a letter of support and release from their current Club/Coach.

Application Information
Registration for September 2022 intake (by 16 July 2022): Fill up the form, and send it directly to the Singapore Swimming Association and Singapore Sports School staff listed below.

Major Games Pathway and Performance Pathway (Singapore Swimming Association)

Sonya Porter, Technical Director: sonya.porter@swimming.org.sg

Gary Tan, SSA Head Coach: gary.tan@swimming.org.sg

Tracie Tan, SSA High Performance Manager: tracie.tan@swimming.org.sg

Singapore Sports School Pathway

Douglas Djang, Head Coach, Swimming Academy: douglas_djang@sportsschool.edu.sg

Chin Khen Theen, General Manager, Swimming Academy: chin_khen_theen@sportsschool.edu.sg

Pre-Singapore Sports School Programmes


Singapore Sports School offers a Learn-To-Train (LTT) programme in partnership with ACE Swim Club. The LTT aims to develop pupils with talent in swimming and an interest in pursuing the sport at a competitive level. Students who are good movers, determined, keen learners, open-minded and love being in water are invited to apply for this programme. Through this programme, Sports School aims to nurture swimming talents at the primary school level and prime them for further development in Sports School at Secondary 1.

Target Audience: Primary 3 to 6 students, Singapore citizens, currently not in clubs

Contact Details:
Mr Chin Khen Theen (Senior General Manager, Swimming Academy)

Local and Overseas Competitions


Eighty per cent of our Swimming Academy student-athletes have competed at the FINA World Cup. The FINA World Cup attracts world-class swimmers such as Chad le Clos and Katinka Hosszu. Sports School swimmers competing in the open competition are exposed to swimming against rivals at the elite level which stretches their potential.


Twenty-five percent of our Swimming Academy student-athletes have represented Singapore in the South East Asian (Age-Group) Swimming Championships yearly.


Held at the OCBC Aquatics Centre, the SNAG Championships sees some of Singapore's top local swimmers battling it out for qualification for the upcoming World Championships and major Games, such as the SEA Games. The annual Singapore National Swimming Championships provide a valuable platform for our student-athletes to cultivate values and develop character through sports. This is in line with the Council's motto of "Character in Sporting Excellence".

Special Programmes


As part of the Sports Exchange programme since 2016, the Swimming Academy sends our student-athletes to Ulsan Sports Science School every alternate year. The purpose of the exchange programme is to provide greater training opportunities and exposure for our swimmers to train with their counterparts from South Korea. With cultural immersion included in the programme, the exchange will value add to the overall educational experience of our student-athletes in Sports School.


Since 2006, the Singapore Sports School has always sent the student-athletes from the Swimming Academy for the TSSG for exposure and good learning experience. The four days swimming meet has always been meaningful for our swimmers to compete and interact with their counterparts from the various sports schools in Thailand and the region around such as Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.