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Sporting Parents Network


psg_logo.pngSporting Parents Network is an establishment of volunteer parents of Singapore Sports School’s student-athletes.
Singapore Sports School embraces SPN as a committed partner; the School nurtures our children to become Learned Champions With Character, teaching them to live important core values such as Respect, Integrity, Responsibility, Excellence and Resilience – which we reinforce at home and in their social lives.
SPN strives to strengthen the relationship among parents so that together with the staff of Singapore Sports School, we can better support our children in their development as youths who are healthily challenged in their physical, mental and emotional capacities as they train and compete in sports at high performance levels, while also being students working towards a good post-secondary education.

SPN Executive Committee

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Sport Representatives

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Post-secondary Programmes Representatives

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Join SPN and have a meaningful and fulfilling experience as part of the parents fraternity of Singapore Sports School
here to download Membership Form or drop an email to spn@sportsschool.edu.sg.