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Sporting Parents Network

About Us


Sporting Parents Network is an establishment of volunteer parents of Singapore Sports School’s student-athletes.

Vision and Mission
Sporting Parents Network (SPN) is committed to partner the school in embracing a holistic culture and career preparation of our children and to provide support in building good values, strong positive character and attitude in our children’s sporting and social lives. SPN aims is to establish closer networking with parents in supporting our children to achieve their fullest potential and to foster healthy communication between staff and parents via the committee.

Sporting Parents Network
  1. Partner the school in the holistic development and career preparation of our children to their fullest potential.
  2. Support the school in inculcating in our children a strong sporting spirit as young sportsmen and sportswomen.
  3. Support the school in nurturing strong positive character traits, values and attitude in studies and social skills of our children.
  4. Support our children in their sporting events in bringing honour to their academies, school and the nation.
  5. Promote a caring culture and closer parental bonding in strong partnership with the school.

Get To Know Us Better


Chairman Mr Kelvin Kwek Bowling Academy
1st Vice-Chairman Mr Melvin Lau Han Hwa Badminton Academy
2nd Vice-Chairman Mr Patrick Elangovan Water Polo - Individual Programme
Secretary/ Treasurer Mr Andrew Low Netball/Swimming Academy
Asst Secretary/ TreasurerMr Mohibullah Khan Football Academy
Digital Media Comms Coordinator Ms Cheng Ying Ling
Bowling Academy
Assistant Digital Media Comms Coordinator Mr Nelson Soh 
Shooting Academy
Boarding Coordinator Ms Chew Soon Table Tennis Academy
Asst Boarding Coordinator Ms Susan Loke Fencing Academy
Dietary Coordinator Mr Stephen John Tunstall Fencing Academy
Asst Dietary Coordinator Mr Ng Saing Leong  Golf - Individual Programme
Parent Education AdvisorMr Kuk Hun YiGolf - Individual Programme


Badminton Academy Mr Eric Ong Ms Jennifer Chew Geok Lan
Bowling Academy Ms Evelyn Tan Ms Koh Hui Ling, Keshia
Fencing Academy Mr Tan Wee Min Mr Koh Aik Chok
Football Academy Mr Erfandy Bin Kusnadi Mr Johnny Ng Cheng Lim
Multi-Sport Academy Ms Grace Antonia Koh Hwee Cheng  -
Netball Academy Mr Bob Wong Ms Josephine Loke Yee Ping
Shooting Academy Mr Nelson Soh Ms Lindy Kim
Swimming Academy Ms Jolene Tan Lay Hoon Mrs Connie Chua
Table Tennis Academy Ms Liu Yu Yu Ms Wong Chock Ching
Track and Field Academy Mr Robin Ooi Yeow Hwee Ms Rizaliah Bte Sulaiman
Individual Programme

Ms Joanne Ho (Gymnastics)
Ms Tan Kar Lin (Ice Skating)

Ms Roziah Binte Ab Samad (Pencak Silat)
Mr Mohammad Yazid Bin Ahmad (Pencak Silat)


RP DSPM Representative Mr Mohammad Yazid Bin Ahmad (Silat - Individual Programme)
NP DBS Representative Mr Lee Chi Wai (Jason) (Fencing Academy)
IBDP Representative Ms Chua Mei Imm Eileen (Badminton Academy)

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How To Join Us

You can sign up by clicking this link:

SPN rep will contact you after you have signed up. No membership fee is required.