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Is Boarding compulsory?
Boarding is not compulsory. 

What are the advantages of Boarding?
Student-athletes who board can optimise their time for training, academic learning and rest. Through the boarding experience and programmes designed, our student-athletes will develop important life skills in self-management, living in a community and maturing into Learned Champions With Character.

What is a typical day at school like?
Our student-athletes live on campus five days a week. At the end of each academic week, Boarders will leave Boarding and return home.

Time Activity
6.00 am to 9.00 am Training/Breakfast
8.00 am to 11.15 am Academic Lessons
10.40 am to 1.30 pm Staggered Lunch
(Lunch period is 40 minutes)
Post lunch to 2.00 pm Academic Lessons
2.00 pm to 4.30 pm Active Rest/ Personal Time/ Pre-Training Meal
4.00 pm to 6.00 pm Training
5.45 pm to 7.30 pm Dinner
7.45 pm to 9.30 pm Supervised Self-Study Time (SST)
9.30 pm to 10.00 pm Supper
10.00 pm Return to Boarding
10.15 pm "Lights-out"

What is the reporting schedule during the academic term?
Boarders typically leave Boarding by 7.00 pm to return home on Fridays or eve of a Public/School holiday. If there are approved training sessions or special school activities on Saturdays, boarders are allowed to stayover on Friday night and return home on Saturday morning. They will return to Boarding on Sunday evenings or the night before the start of a school day.

Can I visit my child in his/her room?
To protect and respect the privacy of all boarders, parents/guardians are not allowed to visit their child in the dormitories after they check-in to boarding at the start of each semester. However, they may visit their child/ward at designated areas (eg. boarding void deck) during the student-athlete’s free time.

Can Boarders leave the School campus for medical/dental checkups or family events?
Parent/guardian are required to submit their leave request in the School Information and Administration System (SIAS) at least 3 (three) working days in advance. Leave is subjected to approval by relevant approving staff. Due consideration should be given to minimise disruption to the curriculum and training schedule of the student-athlete.

I am a boarder. Can I choose to stay in boarding facilities during weekends, public holidays and school holidays?
No, all boarders must adhere to the check-out and check-in timings for weekends, public holidays and school holidays.

Will the dormitories and toilets be cleaned?
Dormitories are cleaned during the major school holidays just before the new school term begins when Boarders check in. General cleaning of our School premises and the toilets is carried out daily. Boarders are required to keep their dormitories and belongings neat and tidy.

Is cleaning equipment provided?
Maintenance tools such as brooms, dustpans, mops and pails are provided.

What if my child/ward falls ill?
Boarders who are not feeling well may report to the sick bay. If their condition does not improve, their Boarding Mentor will contact the parent/guardian to pick up the Boarder from School to seek medical attention.

Does my child/ward have to do his/her own laundry?
We have an in-house laundry service that undertakes the washing, drying and folding of clothes. Clean and ironed laundry will be placed in the Boarder's assigned locker. Self-service coin-operated washing machines and dryers are also available for use if necessary.

How many pieces of laundry can each Boarder send a day?
Boarders may send a maximum of 20 pieces of clothing per day.

Are meals provided for Boarders?
Our school provides five meals daily: Breakfast, lunch, pre-training snack, dinner, and supper. All meals are carefully planned to ensure that optimum nutritional needs of our student-athletes are met on a daily basis by the Sports School's catering vendor.

What can my child/ward do during his/her free time?
Boarders have access to a wide variety of indoor and outdoor recreational amenities to help them unwind after a rigorous day at school and training. Life in Boarding is rich and fulfilling. Throughout the year, various Boarding events and activities are organised to provide Boarders and staff a break from their daily routine and have fun together.

Are there recreational facilities within Boarding?
During their free time, student-athletes are able to unwind and relax at the void decks of the boarding blocks, or have some fun with friends over board games at The Chill Connection (TCC). Street football and basketball courts are also readily available for student-athletes who prefer to engage in more active games.

Will there be enough time for my child to complete his/her schoolwork?
All Boarders are required to attend Supervised Self-Study Time (SST) every weekday evening from 7.45 pm to 9.30 pm. SST is a dedicated time for Boarders to complete their assigned homework and projects, revise for tests or read ahead. e-Consultations with qualified Resource Teachers are available during SST sessions to provide assistance and guidance to Boarders in their schoolwork.

Will keys be issued?
All Boarders are issued with transponders upon check-in. The transponder provides access to the level gate and dormitory that the Boarder stays in.

How safe and secure is the Boarding environment?
Entry to boarding are controlled, monitored and restricted to registered boarders and residents using a robust Facial Recognition System. There is also CCTV surveillance all around the campus, including every level of the Boarding blocks. The images are monitored by full-time Security Officers. The Fire Command Centre, located at the entrance of the Boarding blocks, is also manned by Security Officers 24 hours a day to ensure there is no unauthorised movement in and out of Boarding.

Who takes care of the Boarders outside of curriculum and training hours?
Boarding Mentors take care of the Boarders’ well-being and ensure that their stay is meaningful and enriching.

What are the rooming arrangements like?
Boarders are organised into groups by sport and gender. Male and female boarders are separately housed in three different blocks for privacy as well as security. Within the blocks, they are assigned to 2-bed, 4-bed or 6-bed dormitories.

What time does my child go to bed?
Boarders are expected to be in their dormitories by 10.00 pm. Lights out is at 10.15 pm.

Are there toilet facilities in the room?
No, student-athletes will have to use the common facilities available at each level.