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Singapore Sports School is the only secondary and post-secondary school in Singapore, established primarily to support aspiring national athletes in their pursuit of sports excellence, through high-quality sports training while enjoying athlete-friendly academic programmes that lead to internationally-recognised certifications. Our sports, academic and student development programmes equip talented athletes with the knowledge, skills, and values to be Champions In Sports, Champions For Sports, and Champions In Life.


Maximise Sports Potential

Maximise Sports Potential

  • Quality Sport Development and Performance Support
  • High-Performance Sports Ecosystem
Fulfill Education Aspirations

Fulfil Education Aspirations

  • Athlete-Friendly Academic Programmes
  • Strong Support in Academic and Overall Well-being
Holistic Development

Holistic Development

  • Resilient and Future-Ready
  • Good Character and Leadership

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Benefit from Global Opportunities and Strategic Partnerships

Student-athletes can look forward to overseas experiences through competitions, training exchanges, or service learning trips. Student-athletes challenge themselves by sparring and competing with international counterparts to benchmark and stretch their level of play. These overseas opportunities broaden their worldviews and expand their circle of friends and network beyond Singapore. Student-athletes also cultivate a global perspective and have a deeper appreciation of diverse cultures.

For eligible Singaporean student-athletes, such overseas experiences are fully or partially subsidised by the school and by Temasek Foundation Young Athletes Development Fund. 

Through the many strategic partnerships, student-athletes and staff benefit from the win-win collaborations that further complement and strengthen our sports, academic and student development programmes, including the expansion of opportunities and the learning of international best practices.

Click on the individual pins to view some overseas opportunities and strategic partnerships.
World Map
Surabaya, Indonesia


Badminton Asia Youth U17 & U15 Championships, Surabaya, Indonesia (Badminton)

Jakarta, Indonesia


Jaya Raya Junior Grand Prix, Jakarta, Indonesia (Badminton)

Bangkok, Thailand


Thailand Junior & Cadet Open, Bangkok, Thailand (Table Tennis)

Khon Kaen, Thailand


Thailand Sports School Games, Thailand (Swimming, Track and Field)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


• U22 International Junior All-Star Bowling Championships, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Bowling)

• Bukit Jalil Sports School International Combined Events Meet, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Track and Field)

Fukuoka, Japan


Fukuoka Summer Cup Bowling Championships, Fukuoka, Japan (Bowling)

Aichi, Japan


Excellence Trip to Japan Training Camp, Toyokawa, Aichi, Japan (Swimming)

South Korea


 Chairman of Korea Under 15 Football League and Governor of Gyeongsangbuk-do Cup International Football Tournament, Korea (Football)

 ISSF World Cup, Changwon, South Korea (Shooting)

Strategic Partnership

Ulsan Sports Science Secondary School, Ulsan, South Korea

As part of the Sports Exchange Programme since 2016, there is mutual exchange between swimmers from Singapore Sports School and Ulsan Sports Science Secondary School every alternate year. The Exchange Programme provides exposure and the opportunity for our swimmers to train with their counterparts from South Korea. With cultural immersion included in the programme, the exchange value adds to their overall educational experience.

Qingdao, China


Gothia Cup, Qingdao, China (Football)

Taipei, Taiwan


Chinese Taipei Junior & Cadet Open, Taipei (Table Tennis)

Strategic Partnership

Taipei Municipal Lishan Junior High School, Taipei City, Taiwan

Singapore Sports School has established a training base at Lishan Junior High, where student-athletes from the Table Tennis Academy participate in an annual overseas training camp lasting two to three weeks.

Hong Kong


Hong Kong Inter-City Athletics Championships, Hong Kong (Track and Field)

Strategic Partnership

Singapore International School (Hong Kong), Hong Kong SAR

Singapore Sports School collaborates with Singapore International School, Hong Kong, or SISHK, for a two-way exchange to reinforce experiential learning in an international setting and to propel students to gain an understanding of different cultural and community perspectives. Student-athletes are also provided opportunities to pursue a deeper interest in regional and global issues. They also embark on Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) projects in collaboration with SISHK.

Melbourne, Australia


• Australia National Youth Cup and Youth Team Challenge, Melbourne, Australia (Bowling)

• Excellence Trip to Melbourne with City West Falcons, Melbourne, Australia (Netball)

Perth, Australia


Fuel To Go Netball International Competition, Perth, Australia (Netball)

Strategic Partnerships

Little Athletics Western Australia, Perth, Australia

Little Athletics Western Australia aims to develop children of all abilities by promoting positive attitudes and a healthy lifestyle through family & community involvement in athletic activities. Student-athletes from the Track and Field Academy participate in the annual LAWA Annual State Meet as well as the annual Multi-Events Meet.

Budapest, Hungary


• Junior World Cup in Sabre/ FIE Grand Prix in Epee/ European Cadet Circuit in Foil, Budapest, Hungary (Fencing)

• FINA World Junior Swimming Championships, Budapest, Hungary (Swimming)

London, United Kingdom


Junior World Cup in Foil, London, United Kingdom (Fencing)

Berlin, Germany


Excellence Trip to Hertha, Berlin, Germany (Football)

Strategic Partnership

Sportschule im Olympiapark – Poelchau-Schule, Berlin, Germany

Sportschule im Olympiapark – Poelchau-Schule, well-known for their athletics and swimming programmes, is an overseas training ground for Singapore Sports School student-athletes. This partnership provides student-athletes from Football, Swimming and Track and Field Academies an added opportunity to spar with their German counterparts.

Munich, Germany


ISSF World Cup, Munich, Germany (Shooting)

Suhl, Germany


ISSF Junior World Cup, Suhl, Germany (Shooting)

Örebro, Sweden


Swedish Junior & Cadet Open, Örebro, Sweden (Table Tennis)

Kota Tinggi, Malaysia

Strategic Partnership

Sekolah Sukan Tunku Mahkota Ismail, Kota Tinggi, Malaysia

Selected student-athletes from the Bowling Academy and the Netball Academy have the chance to travel to Sekolah Sukan Tunku Mahkota Ismail in Malaysia to spar with their student-athletes, learn the technicalities of the game, and hone their skills.

Kochi, Japan

Strategic Partnership

Kochi Prefectural Board Of Education, Kochi, Japan

In October 2016, Singapore Sports School inked a Memorandum of Understanding with Kochi Prefectural Board of Education to provide sports exchange opportunities for our Badminton and Table Tennis student-athletes. Selected shuttlers and paddlers in the School-Within-A-School programme have the opportunities to spar with the top Japanese shuttlers and paddlers in Kochi Prefecture.

Saitama, Japan

Strategic Partnership

Omiya Ardija Football Club, Saitama, Japan

Omiya Ardija Football Club is a key partner of our Football Academy. Selected student-athletes will go for individual and/or team excellence attachments which provides them with the opportunity to train and compete with the Omiya Ardija U14 and U15 teams. Friendly matches with J-League youth teams will also be organised.

Geneva, Switzerland

Strategic Partnership

International Baccalaureate Organization, Geneva, Switzerland

Singapore Sports School offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, accredited by the IB Organization to cater to aspiring youth athletes who prefer a broad-based academic programme leading to university.

Manchester, United Kingdom

Strategic Partnership

World Academy Of Sport (WAoS), Manchester, United Kingdom

Singapore Sports School has been recognised as an Athlete-Friendly Education Centre by the World Academy of Sport (WAoS) as it offers an extended pathway for high-performing IBDP student-athletes. Those on the Extended IBDP can stretch the completion of their studies by up to three years as compared to the usual two years to balance sports training and school commitments.

St Louis, Missouri, United States of America


USA Fencing National Championships, St Louis, Missouri, United States of America