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Our Value Proposition

Maximise Sports Potential

Quality Sport Development and Performance Support

Our sport programmes are professionally curated to develop student-athletes optimally based on Long-Term Athlete Development principles. Student-athletes are provided with developmentally appropriate training so as to reach their full sports potential.

Our quality training programmes are further supported and complemented by the National Youth Sports Institute (NYSI), which is housed within the Singapore Sports School campus. Coaches and student-athletes have ready access to expertise in the use of technology to support training, sport nutrition, physiotherapy, sport psychology, and more, within the school itself, in support of the student-athletes’ development and performance.

High-Performance Sports Ecosystem

Sports School is part of the national high-performance sports eco-system to develop and support national teams. It works closely with national sport agencies such as Sport Singapore (SportSG), Singapore Sport Institute (SSI), and the National Youth Sports Institute (NYSI), as well as with the respective National Sports Associations (NSAs). Talented student-athletes in Sports School can enjoy a seamless transition from youth to senior level teams for their sports within this ecosystem.

Fulfil Education Aspirations

Athlete-Friendly Academic Programmes

We offer a range of flexible and athlete-friendly academic programmes for student-athletes of different academic abilities and academic aspirations. Student-athletes can study different subjects at the Express, Normal Academic or Normal Technical levels, leading to internationally recognised certification such as the International Baccalaureate Diploma, Polytechnic Diploma, GCE O-Level certificate or GCE N-Level certificate.

Our academic programmes, offered at both the secondary and post-secondary levels, allow talented student-athletes to join us after their primary school education, mid-way in their secondary school journey, or after their secondary education. The programmes are customised to meet the sports training needs and academic aspirations of our student-athletes. There is porosity to cross over the different programmes so as to cater to the different aspirations and interests of our student-athletes.

Strong Support in Academic and Overall Well-Being

While our student-athletes take ownership of their academic learning and sports pursuit, we provide strong academic support in the form of smaller class size for better engagement and attention, academic make-up lessons, deferment and exemption of modules due to training and competitions, as well as extended course of study to match selected student-athletes’ journey towards major international competitions.

Each student-athlete is assigned a dedicated mentor to guide and nurture them throughout their course of study. The mentor gives individualised attention to each student-athlete by looking into their sport and academic schedule, and supporting their physical, mental, and overall well-being.

Holistic Development

Resilient and Future-Ready

Through our carefully planned sports, academic, and student development programmes, our student-athletes develop a balanced sense of self, form healthy relationships, develop skills to make wise choices and be resilient when faced with challenges. They grow their sense of purpose in life, and develop gratitude and appreciation. Student-athletes cultivate the dispositions of adaptability and lifelong learning, with the drive to pursue excellence for their future, in sports, for sports, and in life.

Good Character and Leadership

In their pursuit for sports and academic excellence, supported by our character and citizenship education, our student-athletes develop good character as they sharpen their moral compass, develop a strong sense of right and wrong, think critically and ethically, cultivate discernment in judgment, take responsibility for choices and actions, and show care towards others. They develop leadership skills and practices grounded on the Leadership Challenge Model by Kouzes and Posner through structured leadership development programme in the school, including leading themselves and influencing others for the common good.