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Student Development


Singapore Sports School implements a customised and integrated Character and Citizenship Programme that aims to develop in our student-athletes good character, resilience and social-emotional well-being, future readiness and active citizenship. Through various intentional platforms, programmes and experiences, we envisage that our student-athletes will graduate as Learned Champions With Character, imbued with the values of Respect, Integrity, Responsibility, Excellence and Resilience (RISER).

Character and Citizenship Education

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) lessons are conducted twice-weekly by academy mentors and cover lessons on Education and Career Guidance, National Education, Sexuality Education, Mental Well-Being, Cyberwellness and CCE Themed Lessons. Academy mentors also facilitate discussions on contemporary issues during CCE lessons and these discussions include topics relevant to student-athletes’ lives such as bullying, online media, and race and religion.

Enhanced Mentorship and Career Guidance

Sports School’s enhanced Mentorship and Career Guidance programme enables student-athletes to meet regularly with their academy mentors and sports staff who guide and advise them how to take practical and realistic steps towards achieving their academic and sports goals. Academy mentors and sports staff also meet with student-athletes and parents over four sessions of School-Parents Meetings and Parent-Staff-Student Conferences to keep the student-athletes on track towards attaining their goals, or take pre-emptive measures if required. Besides classroom Education and Career Guidance lessons, student-athletes are also exposed to talks and webinars featuring practitioners from different professions.

National Education

Donning national colours and wearing the moon and stars on one’s chest is a privilege that not many have. Our student-athletes are reminded that, as budding national athletes, they are role models and contribute to nation-building through inspiring and uniting fellow Singaporeans through their achievements in sport. The National Education (NE) programme aims to cultivate in our student-athletes a sense of belonging and emotional rootedness to Singapore. This is primarily done through curating assembly talks and the four commemorative NE events, namely Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day.

Sexuality Education

Our Sexuality Education programme covers the physical, emotional and social aspects of the issue at hand. Ethical issues are also discussed to raise awareness about moral principles, choices and implications. The main aim of Sexuality Education is to help student-athletes to make responsible and informed decisions through imparting current and age-appropriate knowledge on human sexuality.

Another important objective of these lessons is to help students build healthy and rewarding relationships. The programme will raise student-athletes’ awareness to personal feelings, appropriate management of these feelings and thoughts, and cover decision-making skills.

The key messages of Sexuality Education are: To love and respect yourself as you love and respect others, and that abstinence before marriage is the best protection against the consequences of pre-marital sex.

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Value In Action Projects

In addition to being Sport Champions and Champions for Sports, student-athletes are nurtured to care for the community and environment. The organising of the Academy Values in Action (VIA) projects is a learning experience that supports our student-athletes’ development as socially responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the community, through the learning application of values, knowledge and skills.

Each of the nine Academy Programme sports and Individual Programme in Sports School work with voluntary welfare organisations as a long-term partner. Student-athletes from each Academy will plan and implement activities to help beneficiaries in their partner organisations. Some of the beneficiaries that Sports School partners are the Sunlove Senior Activity Centre @ Golden Saffron, Fei Yue Family Service Centre (Champions Way) and Moral Home for the Aged Sick.

“The Values in Action activities we engage in as Singapore Sports School student-athletes heightens our awareness of the various needs in our community and how we can give back, even in little ways. The VIAs have taught me important lessons and developed values to make me an individual who is socially and emotionally competent.”
Christian Moroni Chiang
Football, Diploma in Business Studies (DBS) Year 2

Student Leadership Programme

All student-athletes are introduced to a 3-year leadership development programme using the Kouzes and Posner Leadership Challenge Model as our guiding framework. The five practices for the Leadership Challenge Model are reinforced during the annual four day Level Camps that are organised for the Secondary 1, 2 and 3 levels.

“I will definitely recommend level camps to my juniors! They will pick up important life skills and values through this camp – skills like learning to be more responsible, how to handle pressure and how to look out for one another. Challenges make life more interesting and overcoming them makes like meaningful.”
Aaliyaa Shu Qi Omar Marcus Tan
Fencing, Class of 2020

It is the School’s belief that every student-athlete should have exposure to leadership opportunities and can be developed as a leader. Student-athletes either serve as Student Leaders or as Values in Action Leaders during their 4- to 6-year stay at Sports School. Student Leadership positions in the School include being part of the Student Council, Sports and Boarding Captains as well as Class Representatives. Besides providing leadership and service for all major school functions, Student Leaders are also trained as Peer Support Leaders and look out for their peers in the School’s efforts to build a caring and enabling environment.