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Boarding Life

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As some student-athletes live in the school for five days a week, their physical, emotional, social and mental well-being is of utmost importance. Boarding Mentors look after and care for the welfare of each boarder, meeting up with them regularly via either one-to-one mentoring sessions or small group sessions during the week.

Amidst their hectic sport and academic schedules, student-athletes also have opportunities to hone their leadership skills as Boarding Captains. Under the guidance of Boarding Mentors, Boarding Captains have opportunities to:
  1. Take on major roles in organising, planning and supporting Boarding Events, activities and projects. Examples of events include Boarding Major Check-in, Study Care Pack Project, Recycling Project and leadership trainings.
  2. Act as the voice for their fellow boarders and to be a bridge to school management so as to raise concerns and suggestions in creating a more conducive environment to live and grow in.
  3. Learn from their Boarding Mentors through active participation within respective Boarding Groups.

The general daily programme of a boarder is outlined in the diagram below. Training time and activities of student-athletes may differ depending on their sport academy and academic level.

To ensure that our student-athletes are accounted for and get sufficient rest for the next school day, Boarding Mentors take nightly attendance before “Lights-Out” at 10.15 pm.


Supervised Self-Study Time (SST)

To ensure that student-athletes keep up with the academic demands of school, Supervised Self-Study Time (SST) is a daily protected time for student-athletes to exercise self-discipline and self-directed learning. During SST, student-athletes complete their assigned homework and projects, revise for tests and examinations, and read up for upcoming lessons.

SST takes place every weekday in the evening from 7.45 pm to 9.30 pm. Resource Teachers are present for e-consultation during SST to provide assistance and guidance to boarders in their school work.

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Life in Boarding is an enriching and fulfilling experience for our student athletes. Throughout the year, various Boarding events and activities are organised to encourage all boarders to break away from the monotony of their daily routine and have fun together. The exact line-up of events and activities may differ from year to year.

Boarding activities such as the Academy Orientation Games, Score! – an annual dinner at year-end, and the biannual post-exam activities are organised by Boarding Captains and staff to foster stronger ties among student-athletes in a fun and informal setting.

At the end of the year, awards such as Best Boarder Award and Cleanest Room Award are also presented to boarders who are role models to their peers and have demonstrated responsibility in ensuring room cleanliness.

Hygiene and Housekeeping

Boarders take care of the overall cleanliness and general housekeeping of their personal space, learning to exercise ownership, responsibility, independence and care for their environment. Regular checks are conducted to ensure that they adhere to the required standards.

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To ensure a secure and safe environment for our student-athletes to live in, boarders are provided with transponder access to only the dormitory that they are assigned to. Male and female boarders are housed separately for security and privacy reasons. Biometric access control system is also implemented at the entrance gates to Boarding in order to enhance safety for our boarders.

A team of security officers provide 24/7 surveillance of the campus, while a Security staff is on call to deliver immediate response when necessary. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras are also installed in common areas within the Boarding blocks.

Boarding Mentors and Volunteers

Two groups of staff, known as Boarding Mentors (Full-Time) and Boarding Mentors (Volunteers), reside in Boarding.

Full-time Boarding Mentors are Boarding staff who oversee administrative matters pertaining to boarders and ensure that student-athletes are provided with a safe and conducive environment to live in. Several Academic and Sports staff have also stepped up as Boarding Mentors (Volunteers) so as to strengthen the team dynamics and teamwork among the full-time Boarding Mentors. Boarding Mentors (Volunteers) support Boarding Mentors in seeing to the physical, social, emotional and mental wellbeing of our boarders.

Each student-athlete is cared for by at least one Boarding Mentor (Full-Time) and Boarding Mentor (Volunteer). Beyond the daily interactions with student-athletes, Boarding Mentors and Volunteers meet formally with student-athletes at least twice a year to ensure that student-athletes are coping well in their home away from home. Boarding Mentors work closely with the Academy Mentors, General Managers and coaches so that student-athletes may be supported holistically in all areas of their development.