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Multi-Sport Academy


Singapore Sports School is establishing a new Multi-Sport Academy, which will be based on the principles of Long-Term Athlete Development. Student-athletes will be provided with broad-based training, focusing on the acquisition and strengthening of more sport relevant complex movement skills. In the long term, this will help to maximise their sporting potential. 

Student-athletes in the Multi-Sport Academy will be engaged in deliberate training in 3 sports in their first 2 years and they will have opportunities to develop their skills and participate in age- and level-appropriate competitions. The sports offerings will build on their strong fundamentals through developing movement patterns and technical skills that can be transferred across a variety of sports. This will allow the student-athletes to either specialise in one of these sports later on, or transfer their skills into another sport. We are looking for student-athletes who have prior exposure to multiple sports, and have the interest and motivation to continue to develop their skills before specialising, to enrol in Singapore Sports School. 

Interested applicants may find out more about admission into the Multi-Sport Academy here.



Multi-Sport Academy Parents e-Engagement Session


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Liza Sem
Liza Sem
General Manager