Deeply Rooted,
Soaring High
Sports School celebrates 20 years of nurturing aspiring national athletes into
Learned Champions with Character: Champions in Sport, for Sports, and in Life.
Academic Pathways
and Support
We offer flexible and porous educational pathways, and provide academic support,
both of which are individually personalised to meet your unique needs and aspirations.
Because your goals are ours too.
Champions In Sports,
Champions For Sports, Champions In Life
At Singapore Sports School, we believe our holistic education
will take you on a fulfilling journey towards your dreams, and your future.
Ready. Set. Go!
Forge ahead towards your sports aspirations at the only sport-focussed education institution that
caters to long-term athlete development and high-performance sport excellence.

Why Us

Maximise Sports Potential

Maximise Sports Potential

  • High Performance Sports Ecosystem
  • Quality Sport Development and Performance Support
Fulfill Education Aspirations

Fulfil Education Aspirations

  • Athlete-Friendly Academic Programmes
  • Strong Support in Academic and Overall Well-being
Holistic Development

Holistic Development

  • Resilient and Future-Ready
  • Good Character and Leadership

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