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Diploma in Business (DBIZ)


The customised Diploma in Business with modules in Business and Impact Assessment, Digital Business Strategies, Ecommerce Operations and Sustainable Finance is an athlete-friendly through-train programme offered in collaboration with Republic Polytechnic.

The course is designed to cultivate business acumen in student-athletes and enable students to spot opportunities and build sustainable businesses, and nurture future business leaders who use data and digital technology to drive decision-making to transform business products, processes and create compelling customer experiences through in-depth knowledge and a broad range of skills including Business Law, Financial and Management Accounting, Marketing, Data Analytics and Digital Marketing, amongst many others.


  • Bite-sized curriculum
  • Learn two modules at a time to balance sports and studies
  • Flexible learning hours that allow twice-a-day sport training
  • Taught by polytechnic lecturers within Sports School
  • Easy access to boarding facilities, sport facilities, athlete life services and sport science support within campus
  • Close mentorship and dedicated staff to ensure the needs of student-athletes are met
  • Established partnership between Sports School and National Sports Associations


While pursuing high-performance sport excellence, you can gain a Diploma certificate from Republic Polytechnic. The course will prepare you also for a career in a range of business fields such as brand management, digital marketing and ecommerce operations and management, or you can even start your own company.

As the course is recognised by local and overseas universities, you can also further your studies in related areas (in Arts, Social Science and Business amongst others) directly after graduation or after a few years of work upon graduation.

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“This programme balances sport and studies with the help of close mentorship and friendly staff to ensure that we will not miss out on our lessons when we are overseas for competitions or training. The flexible curriculum structure which allows me to take time off from lessons also provides me with time and space to focus on my training without distractions.”

Teo Jia En
Republic Polytechnic