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Who We Are

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Our Mission And Values

Our Vision
Singapore’s Premier School for Aspiring National Athletes

Our Mission
To Nurture Aspiring National Athletes into Learned Champions with Character: Champions in Sport, for Sports, and in Life

Our Values
Singapore Sports School will rise to the challenge to develop staff and student-athletes to live as Champions in the 21st Century instilled with the core values of:
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Excellence
  • Resilience

Our School Logo

Our School logo is made up of a pair of red and orange wings. The pair of wings is a universal symbol of flight and is used to embody the soaring aspirations of our student-athletes. The symmetry of the wings denotes the striking of a balance between academic finesse and sporting excellence.

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The colour red signifies the passion and pride of our student-athletes and staff, while orange represents their youthfulness and vigour.

Outlined amidst the pair of wings is a trophy. This symbolises the School's commitment in providing our student-athletes the environment and ample opportunities to help them fulfil their sporting potential and let their dreams take flight.

The school logo is a registered trade mark of Singapore Sports School.

Our School Tagline


The school tagline is a registered trade mark of Singapore Sports School.

School Anthem And School Profile

School Anthem

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