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Academic Matters

Are the school terms and school holidays in Singapore Sports School the same as MOE schools?
For Secondary and IBDP levels, the school terms and school holidays are the same as that of MOE's secondary schools. There are four terms per year. Sports training and competitions take place during term time as well as during school holidays.

What are the post-secondary choices offered to my child?
Singapore Sports School offers both the through-train and national examination pathways. The national examination pathway will lead student-athletes to the mainstream junior colleges, Millennia Institute, the polytechnics or Institute of Technical Education.

For the through-train pathways, selected student-athletes bypass the national examinations and progress to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), the customised Republic Polytechnic-Singapore Sports School Diploma in Business (RP-SSP DBIZ), or the customised Ngee Ann Polytechnic-Singapore Sports School Diploma in Business Studies (NP-SSP DBS).

The various through-train programmes in the through-train pathway allow student-athletes to attain broad-based, rigorous and widely-accepted pre-tertiary qualifications for entry into both local and overseas universities. These extended programmes also offer them different options in academic pacing and assessment, and at the same time, allow for a closer matching of their sport training and development programmes.

Linkage with Local Universities
Upon the recommendation of Singapore Sports School, the local universities grant aptitude-based admission interviews to deserving student-athletes who graduate from our post-secondary programmes.