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Secondary Programmes


Singapore Sports School’s academic programme is anchored upon the educational objectives set out by the Ministry of Education. It is one that prepares our student-athletes for our athlete-friendly post-secondary through-train pathways or the National Examination route. 

Student-athletes are recommended the most appropriate academic pathway for them at the end of Secondary 3. Those who will benefit from a longer runway for sports development can accept the recommendation to be on one of the through-train pathways where they will bypass the national examinations. 

Basic Sports Science Module

To enhance the experience and performance of student-athletes in their quest for sports excellence, student-athletes learn basic sports science in lower secondary. The module is designed using a curriculum approach that aims to help student-athletes adopt a more thinking and scientific approach to their training regime and equips them with the knowledge, habits and lifeskills of a champion. 

Student-athletes gain basic knowledge and skills in exercise physiology, sports nutrition, sports psychology, and injury prevention and management. Teaching such concepts enables them to understand how their bodies respond to training and specific exercises that would be useful in their pursuit of sport advancement.