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Financial Assistance Scheme

For Secondary and IBDP Student-Athletes

Student-athletes can apply for Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) if they meet the below Eligibility Criteria.

Eligibility Criteria – The student-athlete must be a Singapore Citizen studying in our secondary programme or IBDP, and meets one of the income criteria shown in the table below.

Application – Student-athletes can apply any time in the year. Fresh applications must be submitted for each academic year.

Effective Date – The effective date will be the start of the next module following the approval of the application. There will be strictly no backdating of effective date. Incomplete application, for example, missing CPF statements, pay slips, income tax returns, photocopies of birth certificate and identity card, will not be processed and the effective date will be delayed.

Monthly Gross Household Income (GHI) Monthly Gross Per Capita Income (PCI) 1 Benefits (with effect from 1 January 2023)
Not exceeding $3,000 Not exceeding $750
  • 100% school fee and supplementary fee subsidy
  • 90% boarding fee subsidy
  • Free textbooks and school attire (secondary only)
  • $1,200 bursary (IBDP only)
  • 100% subsidy for IBDP exam fees3
  • Transport subsidy of $51 per quarter, payable at the start of each quarter (January, April, July and October)
$3,001 – $4,400 $751 – $1,100
94% school fee and supplementary fee subsidy
90% boarding fee subsidy
$4,401 – $7,500 $1,101 – $1,875
91% school fee and supplementary fee subsidy
90% boarding fee subsidy
$7,501 – $10,000 $1,876 – $2,500 33% school fee, boarding fee and supplementary fee subsidy

1 PCI is computed based on the GHI divided by the number of members in the household (Household members include the student-athlete, his/her parents, and unmarried siblings of the student-athlete, regardless of the address. Grandparents and other dependants living at the same address may be included on a case-by-case basis)
2 For student-athletes who are recipients of other scholarships, the total subsidy to be granted will be based on the benefits less the value of the scholarships.
3Examination fees for GCE O- and N-Levels have been waived for all Singapore Citizens in Government-funded schools since 2015.

Parents/Guardians who wish to apply or re-apply for FAS are to submit the application and relevant documents online via the Parents Portal on our School Information and Administration System (SIAS). Please click here to access SIAS.

Only one application and one set of supporting documents are required for siblings in the same household and studying in Singapore Sports School.

Scanned copies of the following documents are required from the child’s parents and other household members for FAS application.

  1. Birth Certificate of the child and all siblings
  2. NRIC (front and back) of parent(s)/guardian(s), and other household members.
  3. School Smartcard from educational institutions of household members who are above 16 years old receiving full-time education (if any)
  4. Legal documents to prove the guardianship of the child (if applicable) or other child dependant(s) (eg. cousin whose parents cannot be located and the family is the legal guardian of the child) living in the same household (if any)
  5. Latest Payslip or a letter from the employer certifying gross monthly income of all employed household members
  6. CPF Contribution Statement showing last 6 months contribution history of all employed household members
  7.  Latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment of all employed household members
  8. Proof of other sources of income (e.g. rental, pension, etc.), if applicable
  9. Medical Certification of handicapped or critically ill sibling(s) or parent(s) or other dependant(s) living in the same household (if any)
  10. Divorce Certificate if parents are divorced, to support with scanned copies of legal documents proof of child custody rights.
  11. Death Certificate if either parent deceased
  12. Any other documents as required by the School for the purpose of verifying the income

If applicable, please fill these sections when applying for FAS online:
  • Self-Employment Declaration Form of self-employed household members
  • Unemployment Declaration Form of unemployed household members who are below 63 years old if they are not undertaking full-time education or in full-time National Service (if any) (to support with CPF Contribution Statement showing last 6 months contribution history and proof of unemployment (if any))

For Primary 6 Prospective Students who are applying for FAS for Secondary 1 in Singapore Sports School

If the child has received a letter of award of MOE-FAS for the current year and/or next year from his/her primary school or any of the siblings’ primary school, please upload a copy of the letter together with the child’s Birth Certificate.

For enquiries related to application for Sports School’s FAS, please email to our Finance Department officers at ssp_fas@sportsschool.edu.sg.

For Polytechnic Student-Athletes

Student-athletes studying in Sports School’s polytechnic diploma programmes may apply for financial assistance with the respective polytechnics: