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Pearlyn Koh.jpg"I have greatly benefited from both the Secondary and Post-Secondary through-train Diploma in Business Studies programme. The structure of the programme has provided me with the flexibility I needed to excel in both my sports and academics. Besides being able to take my modules according to my training and competition schedule, the class size is also small - allowing student-athletes to better engage our lecturers. 

Because of the unique structure of academic programmes, I am able to travel and compete wholeheartedly without having to worry about falling behind academically.  This has allowed me to continue representing Singapore at major tournaments such as the 2018 Asian Games and World Championships, whilst still attaining outstanding academic achievements."

Pearlyn Koh Kai Xin
Table Tennis
Diploma in Business Studies, Class of 2022
Top Graduate and Recipient of Lien Ying Chow Gold Medal, Lee Wee Nam Gold Medal and Prize, Diploma with Merit, Activa Media Prize and Frasers Property Limited Prize

 Kimberly Ong 01 4-min.jpg"I was in disbelief when I found out that got 45 points for my International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Sports School has supported me so well throughout my four years of being here. Firstly, the teachers are always so understanding of my situation. For example, whenever I had a long training day or a competition trial, instead of berating me for not having finished my pre-assigned work, they are always willing to give me extra time to complete it. This also made me more eager to work hard and strive for better grades, as I wanted to do my teachers proud. I feel very thankful for all the support that Sports School has given me throughout my course of study. This includes all the teachers as well as sports staff who have nurtured me into what I am today. I firmly believe that my good results are not just a reflection of my efforts, but also a result of all the hard work of the people around me.

Kimberly Ong Li Ling
Individual Programme (Wushu)
Extended International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, Class of 2021
Medaliist at 2021, 2023 SEA Games, and 2022 Asian Games

Sabrina Lee Jingyi.jpgSingapore Sports School enabled me to live a different life from normal teenagers. As a student-athlete, I learnt time management, independence and life skills. Though it was stressful taking on more responsibilities as a student, athlete and student leader, I am proud to say that through the challenges, I have become an improved version of myself. With all that I have gained, I am ready to move forward and do better!”

Sabrina Lee Jingyi
International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, Year 5 and Valedictorian (Secondary Programme) for Class of 2020
Represented Singapore at the 2019 Badminton Asia Youth U17 Championships

Nujaid Hasif.jpg
“I managed to achieve two of my goals at Sports School – I achieved bronze and gold respectively at the 2017 and 2019 SEA Games, and scored 44 out of 45 points for the IBDP examinations. My achievements have only been possible because of the strong academic support for athletes like me to balance sports and studies, and do well in both.”

Nujaid Hasif Zainal Abidin
Individual Programme (Pencak Silat)
Extended IBDP, Class of 2020
Medallist at 2017, 2019 SEA Games