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Programmes and Competitions

Pre-Singapore Sports School Programmes


Singapore Sports School’s Fencing Academy organises the Learn-To-Fence Programme throughout the year for interested primary school pupils. The outreach Programme introduces pupils to the sport through a curriculum that is designed and delivered by Sports School coaches. Students who are good movers, quick thinkers, go-getters and are fearless are welcomed to register for this programme. Participants with potential are identified and are invited to attend weekly training sessions. The Fencing Academy uses this Programme as a platform for recruitment of students into the Sports School at Secondary 1.

Target Audience: Primary 3 to 6 students, Singapore citizens
Day & Time: 2 sessions a week (Wed 7.00pm - 9.00pm and Sat 9.30am - 11.30am), approximately 20 lessons/quarter
Cost: $250/quarter. Subsidy is available for students on the MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS)
For more information and registration, please visit https://tinyurl.com/SSPLTF

Contact Details:
Ms Loo Zhao Rong Luan (General Manager, Fencing Academy)


The Ministry of Education has contracted Singapore Sports School’s Fencing Academy to conduct the Fencing modules in the Junior Sports Academy (JSA) Programme. The module, which lasts for 15 sessions, is designed and taught by Sport School coaches. Through the programme, coaches identify participants with potential to join the Sports School’s weekly Learn-To-Fence coaching sessions. Primary 4 and 5 pupils can sign up for the programme through MOE.

Local and Overseas Competitions


Singapore Sports School student-athletes from the Fencing Academy have opportunities to compete at Junior and Cadet Fencing Championships as well as Senior Fencing Championships at the World, Asian, Commonwealth and Southeast Asian levels through selection by Fencing Singapore.

Sports School's top performer at these competitions is alumna Amita Marie Nicolette Berthier, who won the Women's Cadet Foil bronze medal at the 2017 World Junior and Cadet Fencing Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In 2022, both student-athlete Juliet Heng Jie Min as well as alumna Amita Marie Nicolette Berthier came in Top 32 at the World Fencing Championships in Cairo, Egypt. That was the first time any Singaporean fencer had made it to Top 32 at the World Fencing Championships.

Over the years, our Fencing student-athletes have also gone on to represent Singapore at the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games, Asian Games as well as Olympic Games. Alumna Amita Marie Nicolette Berthier represented Singapore at the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games. Together with alumna Wong Yu Rong Tatiana, both won the Women’s Foil team bronze medal at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta, Indonesia. At the 2022 SEA Games in Hanoi, Vietnam, our then current student-athletes came back with 2 individual bronze medals, 3 team gold medals and 1 team bronze medal.


The Asian Cadet Circuit was started by the Fencing Confederation of Asia in 2017 with competitions in several Asian countries. Since its inception, our student-athletes have consistently participated in the Asian Cadet Circuit stops organised in China, Taipei and Thailand each year. Our student-athletes also participate in the stop organised locally by Fencing Singapore.


Sports School sends its fencers for the FIE Satellite in Women’s Foil organised by Singapore, which saw participation from countries such as France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Taipei and Thailand at the inaugural event in 2022. This competition offers very good exposure to high-level senior athletes, which is especially beneficial for our older student-athletes. Student-athlete, CHEUNG Kemei, won the gold medal at the inaugural event in 2022.

Special Programmes


Sports School’s Fencing Academy regularly invites local fencing clubs to its premises to provide more sparring opportunities for its student-athletes. Sports School fencers get to spar with opponents of comparable or better abilities.