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En Hui, Kieren Score Top Grades

2021 Polytechnic Graduation

Another batch of Singapore Sports School’s post-secondary student-athletes from the customised polytechnic programmes received their diploma certificates in May 2021. The graduating Class of 2021 comprised 22 from the Diploma in Sports and Leisure Management (DSLM) and 13 from the Diploma in Business Studies (DBS), conferred by Republic Polytechnic and Ngee Ann Polytechnic respectively. Seven of them, including rhythmic gymnast Jael Chew and shuttler Jaslyn Hooi Yue Yann, had competed at the Southeast Asian Games at least once and contributed to Singapore’s medal tally.

The Class of 2021 performed creditably. Bowler Kieran Tan Wei Zhong and paddler Tan En Hui both scored highest in their respective courses. En Hui received her diploma certificate along with the Activa Media Prize onstage during the graduation ceremony on 3 May 2021. She and two others, Jaslyn Hooi Yue Yann (Badminton) and Edlyn Ho Zen Yee (Gymnastics), earned Diplomas with Merit for graduating amongst the top 10% in their cohort.

Due to tightened measures owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the DSLM ceremony on 8 May was shifted online. Including Kieran, six student-athletes made up half the DSLM graduating students who received Diplomas with Merit.

Diploma in Sports and Leisure Management (Conferred by Republic Polytechnic)
Kieran Tan Wei Zhong (Bowling) – Diploma Gold Medal Award, Diploma with Merit
Rachel Chin Hui Ya (Track and Field) – Diploma with Merit, Module Prize (Sports Management)
Jael Chew (Gymnastics) – Diploma with Merit
Gabriel Lim Kea Seng (Shooting) – Diploma with Merit
Sharifah Syafira Putri Syed Osman (Shooting) – Diploma with Merit
Rohan Paul DCosta (Track and Field) – Diploma with Merit

Abel Tan Wen Xing (Badminton)
Ivan Go Wei Hon (Badminton)
Lee Wei Hong (Badminton)
Lim Ming Hui (Badminton)
Royston Loh Keng Yin (Badminton)
Nu'man Syahmi Yusri (Bowling)
Ahmad Huzaifah Saharudin (Fencing)
Andre Chong Wei Zer (Golf)
Arfan Azhar (Track and Field)
Cindy Lim Xin Yi (Wushu)
Mohamed Sahffee Jubpre (Football)
Raeshon Loo Wei Ming (Track and Field)
Nur Syarin Zahari (Track and Field)
Elijah Lim Teck Yong (Football)
Muhammad Affiz Mohamed Zakri (Pencak Silat)
Cheyenne Rae Howard (Netball)

Diploma in Business Studies (Entrepreneurship Management Option) (Conferred by Ngee Ann Polytechnic)
Tan En Hui (Table Tennis) – Diploma with Merit, Activa Media Prize
Edlyn Ho Zen Yee (Gymnastics) – Diploma with Merit
Jaslyn Hooi Yue Yann (Badminton) – Diploma with Merit

Si To Jia Rong (Badminton)
Toh Han Zhuo (Badminton)
Fion Liew Shan Ting (Bowling)
Jermaine Seah (Bowling)
Nur Amirah Ng (Bowling)
Russell Paul Lee Yuong Ern (Bowling)
Jefferson Cheong Jia Hui (Fencing)
Xavier Chan Jun Xi (Fencing)
Stacy Ho Ting Ting (Shooting)
Ethan Poh Shao Feng (Table Tennis)

RP Graduand: Kieran Tan Wei Zhong

When bowler Kieran Tan Wei Zhong graduated on 8 May, his diploma certificate came along with two other titles – the Diploma Gold Medal Award and Diploma with Merit. Scoring a creditable GPA of 3.94 out of a possible 4.0 placed him top amongst the Sports and Leisure Management (DSLM) programme cohort from RP.

“The athlete-friendly environment that the customised programme created made it easier for us to understand and absorb what was taught in the diploma. For example, when I went overseas for competitions, the RP lecturers would give me make-up classes to help me to catch up with the rest of my peers.”

“The DSLM provided me with greater insight into the sporting industry, including the gaps in the industry. The use of problem-based learning approach during the programme made lessons much more enjoyable and helped us to better understand what was being taught in class. The willingness of every lecturer to help every single student-athlete progress in class and commitment to deliver lessons with rich content and quality made the learning environment conducive and effective.”

Over the years, Kieran has done well balancing both sport and studies. In secondary school, he won several medals in age-group competitions, and in Secondary 4, earned a place to represent Singapore at the 2017 ASEAN School Games. He contributed to a gold medal for Singapore in the Boys Team event at the regional competition. More recently, the bowler added another gold medal from the 2021 National Age Group Championships to his collection.

The 20-year-old remains humble, crediting his ability to manage sport and academic demands to the mentorship programme at Sports School. “Having a mentor allocated to us by Sports School played a part in how I was able to perform well. Our mentor helped us with projections of our goals, guided us and encouraged us to reaching those goals. Having someone that we could confide to also made our poly life much more bearable and enjoyable.”

While National Service beckons, Kieran has secured a place in NUS to study life sciences, with specialisation in biomedical science, as he hopes to become a researcher in the medical industry in the future.

RP Graduand: Jael Chew

After completing her Secondary 4 education at Sports School, the through-train pathway was an obvious choice for Jael Chew. In the rhythmic gymnast’s first year of the customised DSLM programme, she experienced the uniqueness and advantages of the collaboration between the Sports School and RP.

Being selected to compete at the Kuala Lumpur 2017 SEA Games, Jael chose to defer her first semester of studies so as to focus on training and preparing for her maiden appearance at the regional Games. She shared that both schools were “very supportive” when she made the decision to put her studies on hold. The decision paid off as she returned from the SEA Games with 1 silver and 1 bronze medals.

“As a student-athlete, I am expected to perform at my best consistently. Thus, the athlete-friendly pathway allowed me to juggle both sport and academics according to my schedule. For example, as I had to travel out of the school for training and competitions regularly, Sports School would arrange for consultations with the various lecturers so that I could catch up with the lessons that I had missed,” said Jael. She managed to perform well academically, receiving the Diploma with Merit from RP.

Jael, who spent at least eight years as a student-athlete at Sports School, shared that her fondest memories were created at Boarding. “Looking back, due to the long hours spent with one another, boarding allows us to forge a special bond with fellow student-athletes.”

The former national gymnast retired from the sport after sustaining a spinal injury during training in 2018. She was forced to stop training soon after learning that her injury was more serious than she had thought. As in many of life’s hard knocks, she saw a silver lining in the incident which inspired her to become a physiotherapist.

“My misery was compounded but it spurred me to ponder upon the importance of sports injury and prevention. Had I access to such knowledge, the chances of sustaining such an injury could have been minimised, or discovered and treated at an early stage. As such, the ‘calling’ to become a physiotherapist dawned on me. The ‘power’ to heal and enable people to lead a healthy lifestyle was my motivation to pursue this career.”

Jael will commence physiotherapy studies at Singapore Institute of Technology in September 2021.

While she has retired from rhythmic gymnastics, her love for the sport still remains. Since leaving the competitive scene, she has been working as a full-time coach at a gymnastics school. “With all the training and knowledge that I’ve gained throughout my gymnastics career, I hope to inspire future generations of gymnasts and help them find the same passion that I have for this beautiful sport.”

NP Graduand: Tan En Hui

Paddler Tan En Hui graduated from the Sports School’s customised Diploma in Business Studies (DBS) programme from Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) on 3 May 2021, with a commendable GPA of 3.92 out of a possible 4.0. This placed her top amongst the DBS programme cohort, and she also netted the Activa Media Prize for most outstanding academic performance in the entrepreneurship management option.

"The DBS (Entrepreneurship Management Option) course provided us with the foundational knowledge that we would need in the business and entrepreneurship world. Being exposed to the modules and various aspects of Business, it grew my aspirations to be an entrepreneur.”

Besides excelling in the books, En Hui is among the best table tennis players regionally, placing 2nd and 3rd in the Women's Doubles and Women’s Team at the 2018 SEA Table Tennis Championships. She came in 1st in the Women's Doubles and 2nd in the Women's Team at the 2018 National Table Tennis Grand Finale. In the next edition in 2019, she came in 3rd in the Women's Doubles and Mixed Doubles events.

En Hui also makes it a point to give back to the community and nurture younger generations of table tennis players. She recently took time out to spar and train with younger players (primary school-going children) at the Junior Development Squad and sometimes dishes out advice if needed.

She has helped to pack and distribute welfare packs for the elderly and low-income families, and also taught mini table tennis to healthcare staff at National University Hospital to thank them for their contributions.

“I think giving back is important because all of us have received so much. We don't want to just keep being on the receiving end, we would want to give back and contribute as well.”

En Hui is currently studying business management in Singapore Management University.

NP Graduand: Jaslyn Hooi Yue Yann

Shuttler Jaslyn Hooi Yue Yann is another top scorer – she attained a GPA of 3.82 out of a possible 4.0 – putting her among the top scoring graduates from DBS programme cohort from NP. Jaslyn is also a Ngee Ann Polytechnic Scholar and a Sport Excellence (spex) Scholar.

“The Diploma in Business Studies helped me in juggling my sport and studies. I’ve always enjoyed learning, especially about the business world. I am grateful for this programme because I can pursue a diploma that I am interested in, and at the same time, I can continue intensive and competitive sport,” explained Jaslyn.

Jaslyn was the National Open champion in 2020 and 2021, and was a semi-finalist at Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games. She also nabbed a bronze for the Women’s Team in the Philippines 2019 Southeast Asian Games.

“I am passionate about badminton because of how dynamic the game is. I like how I can strategise a unique game plan that leverages on my strengths and exploits the weaknesses of my opponent. I’m big on personal growth and development, and I experience different scenarios and outcomes on court even if I am doing the same drill. Each training allows me to reflect on my thought processes on court, what I did to increase my self-confidence and what I could do when I face obstacles or threats.”

Jaslyn’s sport aim continues to soar. She is aiming for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, and will be putting her studies on hold till she achieves that dream.

Jaslyn, who graduated on 3 May, also hopes to start her own business one day: “I have always been interested in the business world, so my post-career plan is to deep dive into the corporate world, to surround myself with industry best and absorb as much as I can from them. Hopefully this will help me in starting my own business in the future.”

“NP’s modules taught me the skills and knowledge a successful entrepreneur should have. At the same time, the other modules provide me with the business fundamentals.”