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Multi-Sport Exposure Builds New Skills

Post-Exam Activities: Multi-Sports Programme

It was an interesting school day on 5 and 11 November 2020 as student-athletes put aside their textbooks and their usual training equipment to immerse themselves in the multi-sports programme organised by the various sports academies. Student-athletes tried out different sports such as floorball, foot volleyball, teqball, modified baseball, volleyball, and underwater hockey. Some of them also picked up new skills by learning photography, sign language, morse code, mind fitness, and making DIY candle.

Sports academies picked activities which allowed student-athletes to gain multi-sports exposure and build soft skills such as teamwork, communication, concentration, and listening skills. For example, the bowlers had skills acquisition over three activities – sign language, floorball, and finding the axis point for a bowling ball; the shooters tried out target sprint, morse code, volleyball and made DIY Candles; and the footballers did modified baseball, teqball and football tennis.

IBDP Year 5 student-athlete Chan Yi Xuan from the Shooting Academy found that the activities were good exposure for her to learn a new sport or skills. She said, “In Target Sprint, I got to try shooting with a rifle, which I have never tried before. I was also able to pick up a new skill through Morse Code.”

Beyond exposure to a new sport or skill, the activities had also taught them soft skills and other valuable lessons.

“What I liked about the activities is that they were engaging and interactive so I found myself communicating a lot with my peers; figuratively and literally. I enjoyed floorball the most as it has been so long since I played it. The coach was engaging and we were able to pick up a few skills from him. Through floorball, I learn a lot about communication. For example, when you pass the ball to someone near, you will hit lightly. On the other hand, when the person is far, you tend to use a little more strength. It is the same in real life when you talk, you only raise your voice a little louder when the person is further away from you. The other activity that was interesting was sign language, though I did find it slightly difficult to remember the many signs. It also taught me a lot about the value of communication. Overall, I think that the activities planned for us were beneficial, and taught us important values. I am looking forward to more of such activities in the future,” shared Secondary 3 bowler Jade Ooi.