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Swimmers Made A Splash At Sports Festival

Pesta Sukan 2021 - Swimming

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In the spirit of bringing sports back amidst the pandemic, the annual sport festival was held with 28 sports competitions islandwide to bring Singaporeans, schools and teams together to celebrate Singapore’s 56th birthday through sports. Singapore Sports School participated in 4 sports – Badminton, Swimming, Table Tennis and Taekwondo, and brought back impressive results. The Swimming Academy in particular did extremely well at the Toa Payoh Sports Centre. 

With a strong contingent of 27 swimmers, the group returned with 9 gold, 8 silver and 4 bronze medals in the competition, which took place from 28 August to 5 September 2021.

On her experience at the competition, Manda Low said: “It has been a long while since I got to race, and it made me realised that we compete not only for new timings but also to enjoy the moment. It was also really great to catch up with my clubmates again after a long time. Overall, this competition was an enjoyable one which I haven't had in a while.”

She was also pleased with her achievements. “I am overjoyed about my achievements in this competition as I managed to get new Personal Bests in all 3 events – 50m Breaststroke, 50m and 100 Fly, and achieved my targets in all the events. Achieving bronze in both the 100m Fly and 50m Breaststroke has also made me more confident. It made me realise that I, too, can unleash greatness. It also motivated me to do well in major competitions, such as Singapore National Age Group Championships (SNAG), in the future,” shared Manda, who displayed great discipline in her diet and lifestyle in preparation for the competition.

Boys 13-14 100 Back
Ian Leong Wei Sheng - Gold

Boys 13-14 100 Fly
Reyes Loh - 5th

Boys 13-14 100 Free
Anakin Chee Hao Ming - 26th
Conrad Leong Yi Hng - 50th

Boys 13-14 50 Back
Ian Leong Wei Sheng - Gold
Javen Soh - 12th
Koh Kai Jie - 22nd
Lim Cheng Yu - 15th

Boys 13-14 50 Breast
Koh Kai Jie - 5th
Javen Soh - 6th

Boys 13-14 50 Fly
Reyes Loh – Silver
Lim Cheng Yu - 10th
Javen Soh - 22nd
Anakin Chee Hao Ming - 42nd
Conrad Leong Yi Hng - 50th

Boys 13-14 50 Free
Ian Leong Wei Sheng - 4th
Lim Cheng Yu - 8th
Reyes Loh - 9th
Koh Kai Jie - 28th
Anakin Chee Hao Ming - 38th
Conrad Leong Yi Hng - 65th

Boys 15-17 100 Back
Brandon Yap Yan Xi  - 4th
Leroy Lock - 6th
Terence Ong Yi Hao - 8th
Mika Chong Jun Wei  - 12th

Boys 15-17 100 Breast
Terence Ong Yi Hao - Gold
Leroy Lock - 12th

Boys 15-17 100 Fly
Brandon Yap Yan Xi - Silver
Terence Ong Yi Hao - 8th
Mika Chong Jun Wei - 18th

Boys 15-17 100 Free
Leroy Lock - 10th
Mika Chong Jun Wei - 17th

Boys 15-17 50 Back
Lin Boyu - 6th

Boys 15-17 50 Fly
Lin Boyu - 16th

Boys 15-17 50 Free
Sage Tan - 4th
Lin Boyu - 31st

Boys 18-29 100 Back
Luke Tan Yu Yang - Gold

Boys 18-29 100 Breast
Luke Tan Yu Yang - 5th

Boys 18-29 100 Fly
Luke Tan Yu Yang - Gold

Girls 13-14 100 Back
Vivienne Chew En - Silver
Har Mint - 6th
Lee Xuan Ying - 8th
Magdalene Lee - 9th
Claire Chua Xing Ting - 10th

Girls 13-14 100 Breast
Claire Chua Xing Ting - 11th

Girls 13-14 100 Fly
Manda Low - Bronze
Claire Chua Xing Ting - 10th

Girls 13-14 100 Free
Har Mint - Gold
Lee Xuan Ying - 16th
Amanda Law Zeyi - 19th

Girls 13-14 50 Back
Koh Kai Lin - Silver
Amanda Law Zeyi - 6th
Mavis Seah - 12th

Girls 13-14 50 Breast
Vivienne Chew En  - Gold
Manda Low - Bronze
Mavis Seah - 13th

Girls 13-14 50 Fly
Manda Low - 5th
Koh Kai Lin - 15th
Magdalene Lee - 19th

Girls 13-14 50 Free
Vivienne Chew En  - Silver
Har Mint - Bronze
Magdalene Lee - 17th
Koh Kai Lin - 23rd
Lee Xuan Ying - 29th
Mavis Seah - 37th
Amanda Law Zeyi - 40th

Girls 15-17 100 Breast
Elyza Mak - Gold

Girls 15-17 100 Fly
Gwee Min Xin - Silver
Lim Wan Ting - Bronze

Girls 15-17 100 Free
Lim Wan Ting - Silver
Susastra Janel - 13th

Girls 15-17 50 Back
Elyza Mak - 5th

Girls 15-17 50 Fly
Gwee Min Xin - Gold
Elyza Mak - Silver

Girls 15-17 50 Free
Gwee Min Xin  - 8th
Susastra Janel - 12th 
Lim Wan Ting - 4th 

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