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In Conversation With Industry Professionals

Education and Career Guidance Webinar

On 20 August 2020, 130 student-athletes from the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and Polytechnic programmes participated in the first “In Conversation With Industry Professionals” webinar. Alumni – Aloysius Tan Zi Heng (Engineering), Christopher Hwang Eu Wei (Business/Entrepreneurship), Janice Yun Hui Wen (Law), Matthew Goh Yu Jie (Banking and Finance); our staff, Lim Chea Rong (Sport Coaching); and industry professional, Dr Lim Jit Kheng (Medicine), were the speakers at the morning’s webinar that was organised as part of Singapore Sports School’s Education and Career Guidance (ECG) efforts.

The speakers shared about their profession including the challenges and joys, career progression and future outlook. Their inspiring personal journey towards success made our student-athletes think harder about their interests, abilities and their future.

“The ECG webinar is very informative and it helped me to understand a career in medicine better as well as understand what it takes to pursue it,” shared IBDP student-athlete, Michelle Tan Ting Yee who attended the session by Dr Lim Jit Kheng.

Cecilia Ng, a Diploma in Business Studies student-athlete has also benefited tremendously from the session by Head Coach, Lim Chea Rong. “As a shooter, I have always wanted to explore a coaching career. Through Coach Chea Rong’s sharing, I feel that coaching would be fun. It might be different from what I am studying now, but like Coach Chea Rong who stumbled upon her passion for coaching despite having a degree in Civil Engineering, I will never know what I will do in the future. What I have learnt is that is important to explore my options and be open to trying out new things,” shared Cecilia.

Beyond career guidance, the speakers had also shared invaluable life lessons which they learnt in the working world.

“Most of the time, there are more things you don’t know than what you do. But what’s important is that (when you don’t know) you go find out, talk to people, and find a solution,” said Aloysius who advised student-athletes when they stumbled upon challenges and difficulties.

The mechanical engineer turned systems engineer also shared how his job has taught him to be open to changes and be prepared to deviate from his plan, including solving unexpected problems on his own.