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Class of 2021 Score Outstanding Results for IBDP and O-Levels

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (November 2021) and GCE O-Levels Results Release

Singapore Sports School was in a celebratory mood on the first day of the school year after its graduating batch scored outstanding results for their International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. The Class of 2021, which received their results on 4 January 2022, achieved the School’s best results yet since IBDP was introduced in 2014.

Nearly 83% out of the 23 student-athletes who took their IBDP final examinations in November 2021 scored 40 points or higher. Their average score exceeds both the international and national average. Two graduating student-athletes hit perfect scores, while another seven of them attained a near-perfect score of 44 points out of a maximum of 45 points.

While we celebrate their outstanding IBDP results, our recent graduating batch is more than a sum of their IBDP scores. 15 out of the 23 of them are in the National Youth Squad or National Team for their sport. They took up the IBDP to continue pursuing sport seriously while continuing their studies, and worked hard to achieve good results in sports and the diploma programme.

Wushu exponent Kimberly Ong Li Ling is one of the perfect scorers. Kimberly, who is in the Wushu national team, transferred to Sports School when she was in Secondary 4, to take up the IBDP programme that would allow her to extend her studies to up to 3 years instead of the usual 2 years. As Kimberly was determined to achieve more in sports, she felt that Sports School would be the right place for her to develop in sport, as well as perform well in her studies. She is the first student-athlete in the history of Sports School to take both English and Chinese at a higher level.

Kimberly’s perfect results slip has overwhelmed her with joy. She shared, “The first emotion I felt was disbelief. A 45-score was something that I had always dreamt about but never thought I could achieve. Afterwards, a sense of relief swept over me, as it occurred to me that my hard work had paid off. A perfect score definitely made the experience of having to train 6 times a week while having examinations more worthwhile.

I feel very thankful for all the support that SSP has given me throughout my course of study. This includes all the teachers as well as sports staff who have nurtured me into what I am today. I firmly believe that my good results are not just a reflection of my efforts, but also a result of all the hard work of the people around me.”

Shooter Chin Khar Ann also scored perfect results. On her secret to success, Khar Ann shared, “I saw balancing sports and studies as a routine of switching my focus between being a student in the day and being an athlete in the evenings. I tried to remain mindful in the present moment while focusing on the task at hand wholeheartedly, so that the time spent studying and training respectively were utilized to the fullest extent.” She also credits the strong support of her teachers, and close bond with her batchmates as contributing reasons for her good results.

GCE O-Level Results
Another 26 student-athletes received their GCE O-Level results about a week later on 12January, and were just as pleased with their results. All of them passed the examinations, and will be progressing to the next stage of their education journey.

Among the top scorers is paddler Cassandra Chew Jing Wen who scored seven distinctions. She shared that during the last sprint towards the O-Levels, the respective subject teachers would offer extra consultations and stay back late after school to help with revision. She added that “Their help relieved a lot of my stress during that period. I am very glad that the hard work I had put in has paid off, but this could never have happened if not for the efforts of my teachers."

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