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5 Awarded For Sport Excellence

2019 Anugerah MENDAKI

2019 Anugerah Mendaki Special Achievement Award for Excellence Recipients.jpg
From left, Nur Syarin Zahari, Nu'man Syahmi Yusri, Iliya Syamim Muhammad Azni,  Aniq 'Asri Mohammad Yazid and Muhammad Hazim Ismail

For their achievements in sport, four Singapore Sports School student-athletes and one alumna received the Special Achievement Award for Excellence (Non-Academic) from Yayasan Mendaki on 12 October 2019. They were among more than 500 Muslim youth recipients at the Anugerah Mendaki Presentation Ceremony

Pencak silat exponent Aniq 'Asri Mohammad Yazid was one of the youngest recipients of the Special Achievement Award for Excellence. The Award, presented to youths between 14 and 25 years old, recognises their non-academic achievements at national, regional or international platforms. Aniq, a Secondary 2 Sports School student-athlete, was a gold medallist at the 1st US Open Pencak Silat Championship in June 2019. Since the start of 2019, Aniq has won golds at four international tournaments.

Bowling Academy alumna Iliya Syamim Muhammad Azni was also another recipient of the non-academic award – and a deserving one, having captured the Hong Kong International Open Women’s Open Masters title in June 2019.

  • Iliya Syamim Muhammad Azni (Bowling, Alumna)
  • Nu'man Syahmi Yusri (Bowling, DSLM Year 2)
  • Aniq 'Asri Mohammad Yazid (Pencak Silat, Secondary 2)
  • Muhammad Hazim Ismail (Track and Field, DSPM Year 1)
  • Nur Syarin Zahari (Track and Field, DSLM Year 2)