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Post-Exam Activities For Holistic Development

Post-Examination Activities

 For about two weeks after the year-end examinations, student-athletes enjoyed an array of activities that were carefully put together for their holistic development. From developing their life skills, to discovering new sports, student-athletes were meaningfully engaged throughout their post-examination period.

 One of the highlights was the arts and cultural programme which unleashed the artistic talents and unveiled hidden talents among student-athletes as did a variety of creative activities. They had a dancing session, tried their hand at making digital music, did mobile photography and videography, and were enthralled by music by Jack and Rai and Micapella.

 The Mother Tongue Department also organised a cross-cultural programme for student-athletes to gain an understanding of the cultures of their peers. Secondary 1 student-athletes explored doing Wushu while those in Secondary 2 learnt how to play the Angklung. Upper Secondary student-athletes learnt more about the Indian culture while being taught Indian dance moves and musical instruments. They also organised an Indian Cultural Appreciation Programme in conjunction with the celebration of Deepavali during which they learnt the significance of the Festival of Lights and did rangoli/kolam designs (an art form in which patterns are created on the floor in households) using coloured rice on a paper plate.

Student-athletes also had the opportunity to discover new sports on Multi-Sports Day (Read more) on 5 November 2021. Held for the second time in collaboration with National Youth Sports Institute (NYSI) and National Sports Associations (NSA), this year’s Multi-Sports Day featured 14 sports. They include new sports such as Cycling, Beach Volleyball, Basketball, Golf, Inline Skating, Petanque, Weightlifting, Wrestling and Water Polo, as well as sports offered within the school such as Fencing, Netball, Shooting, and Track and Field. Each student-athlete could choose to try out any four sports stations where they were engaged physically and cognitively through a quiz. There were also friendly challenges to add to the fun while giving them further exposure to the sport. Representatives from the NSAs were present to spot potential talents. The sports carnival is organised as part of the School’s Talent Optimisation Programme (Click here) that was introduced to provide a systematic approach for student-athletes to try out new sports, and do talent identification and transfer, for them to maximise their sports potential.

For student-athletes’ personal well-being, professionals were invited to share with them about overcoming games addiction and crime prevention. NYSI also conducted two sessions on understanding what body image is, causes of distorted body image, and recognising the importance of body acceptance.

 Activities were also organised for boarders to keep them well-engaged during after-school hours. 239 boarders had fun with art as they were taught how to do a simple canvas art using instructional videos. Proposed by boarders in the student welfare team, the activity aimed at helping student-athletes de-stress through acrylic art painting. A nutrition programme was also conducted by COMPASS Group which runs the The Arena to educate boarders on the importance of whole grains. They prepared their own healthy chocolate roulade through a 45-minute hands-on session which was supervised by the Chef and kitchen assistants.

The post-examination fun and school year culminated with an e-Awards Presentation Ceremony that recognised student-athletes for excellence in academics, character, and sports in 2021. Awards presented during the ceremony included the Top in Level Award, Character Award, Post-Secondary (Polytechnic) Academic Awards, and Singapore Schools Sports Council (SSSC) Best Sportsboy and Sportsgirl Awards. This year, Eng Wei Jin (Extended IBDP, Golf) and Low Yu Yenn (Secondary 4, Rhythmic Gymnastics) received the SSSC Best Sportsboy and Sportsgirl Award respectively. (Read more)

After the Ceremony ended, student-athletes were given time to reflect on the year gone by with their mentors. The session was important for them to look back at their journey and life lessons this year to look ahead at 2022. A great way to end the year!

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