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Immersing In Multi-Sports Fun

Multi-Sports Day   

The annual Multi-Sports Day was back for the second time where student-athletes had the opportunity to gain exposure and try out new sports. This year, 14 different sports – basketball, bowling, beach volleyball, cycling, fencing, golf, petanque, laser shooting, track and field, weightlifting, wrestling, inline skating, skateboarding and water polo – were offered as part of the post-exam activities on 5 November 2021.

During the four-hour session, student-athletes were rostered to try out different sports based on their transferable skills. “I tried basketball, beach volleyball and bowling. My favourite sport was beach volleyball as it was something unique, and I don’t get to try it on a daily basis,” shared Secondary 3 netballer Wong Xuan Yi who enjoyed the activities as it allowed her to bond with her academy. Xuan Yi has also found the beach volleyball session useful as it allowed her to learn how she could use some of her netball skills. “I have a senior who does both netball and beach volleyball too. There are many transferable skills in both sports such as jumping and other technical aspects which can help me jump higher, an essential skill in a netball game,” said Xuan Yi.

Secondary 1 pencak silat exponent Mohammad Ridzqi Mohammad Fadzil who experienced the multi-sports event for the first time also found the session interesting and fun. “I tried wrestling, shooting and skateboarding, and I enjoyed skateboarding the most,” said Ridzqi.

The Multi-Sports Day was organised in collaboration with National Youth Sports Institute and National Sports Associations to support the Talent Optimisation Programme (Read more). Last year, six sports were offered, including weightlifting, wrestling, petanque, cycling, canoeing/kayaking, and water polo.

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