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Student-Athlete Journalists Clinch Third Place

2019 Create Your Own Newspaper Competition

Ben Lim Chuan En, Benjamin Kheng Wenming, Narelle Kheng Songyi, Poojaa Darshan Kaur Gill and Timothy Low Wei Qiang were one of the top age-group athletes in their sports when they entered Singapore Sports School. Swimmer Benjamin Kheng, paddler Ben Lim and sprinter Poojaa were amongst the pioneer batch of 141 student-athletes when Sports School opened its doors in 2004, while golfer Timothy and swimmer Narelle, sister of Benjamin Kheng, joined in 2005 and 2006 respectively. All five have transitioned from high-performing athletes to the high flyers that they are in their various post-sport careers. 28-year-old Ben Lim is a branch division director of ERA Realty Network; Benjamin (29) and Narelle Kheng (26) are half of local band The Sam Willows; Poojaa (28) was a 2016 Miss Universe finalist and now a financial broker; and Timothy (29), a sports presenter.

Contrary to more common features on the school’s sport achievements, these were the success stories that five Secondary 2 student-athletes – Ariana Beh Yoke Ching, Cass Chan Si En, Chloe Liew Huey Qi, Eleanor Quah Yu Wei and Jade Ooi – from the Higher Chinese Language class chose to feature in their submission for the 2019 Create Your Own Newspaper Competition. The competition, jointly organised by Singapore Press Holdings and Xinmin Secondary School, taught participants the techniques of producing a newspaper – from conducting research on the chosen topic and idea, to writing, editing and finally designing on a computer software. Students were then given a day to put together and produce their “newspaper” at Xinmin Secondary before submitting it at the end of the day.

Two teams from Sports School, writing on the topics of 《10年前,我们的起跑点》 (“Our starting point 10 years ago”) and 《阿公阿嫲的故事》 (“My grandparents’ story”), won the third-tier prize in the Lower Secondary Category.

Sports School’s second team comprising Cheung Kemei, Juliet Heng Jie Min, Leroy Kwek Peng Suan, Lim Yong Qi and Yoo Zheng Yi told the stories of hardships and love which Juliet’s and Yong Qi’s grandparents experienced growing up.

Team 《10年前,我们的起跑点》
Eleanor Quah Yu Wei, Artistic Swimming
Chloe Liew Huey Qi, Badminton (former student-athlete)
Jade Ooi, Bowling
Ariana Beh Yoke Ching, Shooting
Cass Chan Si En, Track and Field

Leroy Kwek Peng Suan, Bowling
Cheung Kemei, Fencing
Juliet Heng Jie Min, Fencing
Yoo Zheng Yi, Fencing
Lim Yong Qi, Track and Field