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Polytechnic Graduates Walk Into A New Chapter

Polytechnic Graduation – Class of 2023

45 student-athletes in the two customised polytechnic programmes jointly offered with Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Republic Polytechnic embarked on a new journey in May 2023, as they celebrated their academic accomplishment at their Polytechnic Graduation Ceremony.

Their path to graduation was filled with countless hours of training, competitions and academic commitments. It was no easy feat to balance both training commitments and academic responsibilities, but the 45 recent graduates have embraced the challenges of their dual roles, exhibiting a high level of discipline and resilience in their pursuit of excellence in sports and studies.

Among 17 student-athletes from the Diploma in Business Studies jointly offered by Ngee Ann Polytechnic, fin swimmers Vanessa Ong and Jordan Ong Jun hao left an indelible mark at the 32nd Southeast Asian (SEA) Games, with Jordan breaking a national record in the Men’s 4x100m Relay Surface. Academically, they also remained committed and dedicated. Vanessa, who had to complete an internship module in her final year while training for the SEA Games, was recognised with the prestigious Tai Sin Prize for 'Business Persuasion & Influence’.

Among the 28 student-athletes in the diploma programme jointly offered by Republic Polytechnic, 11 of them represented Singapore at the 32nd SEA Games held in May 2023 in Cambodia. This includes fencer Max Neo Wei Kit and footballer Andrew Aw Yong Rei, who scored well to graduate with a Diploma in Business with Merit while representing the nation at the SEA Games.

“I believe that planning played an important role in helping me juggle both my sports and studies. It gives me a clearer picture of what I needed to do without feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work I needed to do,” shared Max, who won a team silver at the SEA Games.

His academic achievements were possible without the support of his teachers and mentors. He said: “My teachers and mentors were always there to assist me with the makeup lessons I missed whenever I had to travel for competitions. Furthermore, the school supported me financially in giving me the opportunity to travel for both overseas competitions and training camps.”

Other graduates who also represented Singapore at the SEA Games include Abdul Raazaq Abdul Rashid, Amirah Sahrin, Muhammad Fathullah Rahmat, Muhammad Ryaan Sanizal and Siti Khadijah Mohamad Shahrem, who have conferred the Diploma in Sport Management. Beh Kun Ting and Maximillian Ang Wei have conferred the Diploma in Sports and Leisure Management, while Donovan Willard Wee and Helene Ong Ting Hui have conferred the Diploma in Business*.

As the 45 of them embark on a new journey, we hope they continue to be a champion in sport, for sports and in life, and create a positive impact in their chosen fields.

Happy graduation, Class of 2023!

Class of 2023

Diploma in Business Studies (NP-SSP)

Award Winners

Vanessa Ong
Tai Sin Prize (For 'Business Persuasion & Influence')

Sean Patrick
Activa Media Prize (For most outstanding academic performance in the Entrepreneurship Management Option)

Diploma in Business Studies 
Basile Koh Meng Jin
Candice Ang Ruo Han
Christy Ng Kai Xi
Koh Jia Qi
Koh Yu Han
Reuben Rainer Lee Siong En
Lim Ming Hong
Lim Shun Tian
Lucas Lim Yi Liang
Matthew James Lim Quan Rong
Oliver Sim Jing Xi
Jordan Ong Jun Han
Sean Patrick
Torance Jng Yao Chee
Vanessa Ong
Andy Wong Yan Kai
Yu Mengqiu

Diploma in Sport Management* (RP-SSP)
Abdul Raazaq Abdul Rashid
Amirah Sahrin
Leah Chew
Luke Tan Yu Yang
Muhammad Fathullah Rahmat
Muhammad Nur Adam Abdullah
Muhammad Ryaan Sanizal
Siti Khadijah Mohamad Shahrem

Diploma in Sports And Leisure Management* (RP-SSP)
Beh Kun Ting
Maximillian Ang Wei
Tan Weixuan

Diploma in Business with Merit (RP-SSP)
Andrew Aw Yong Rei
Max Neo Wei Kit

Module Prize (Sports Policies)
Lim Su Qi

Diploma in Business
Christian Chiang Moroni
Danial Iliya Khairuddin
Donovan Willard Wee
Dylan Christopher Goh Hsien Chun
Iman Hakim Ibrahim
Lim Su Qi
Mohamad Naufal Ilham Mohamad Ismail
Muhammad Aqil Dany Jahsh Ruzzman
Muhammad Badrul Amin Noh
Muhammad Fathir Ahmad
Nur Hadi Norshamsuddin
Helene Ong Ting Hui
Ong Yu En
Syarf Haqqani Teguh Saiful Nizam Helmi
Tyeisha Rene Misson Khoo

*The Diploma in Sports and Leisure Management (DSLM) was renamed Diploma in Sport Management (DSPM) in 2019. The Diploma in Business (Sport Management Track) (DBIZ) is currently the only Diploma programme offered with Republic Polytechnic.

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