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Cultural Immersion At Sports School

Mother Tongue Fortnight

Over two weeks from 31 January to 14 February, student-athletes had the opportunity to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the rich culture and traditions of the different racial groups in Singapore through Mother Tongue Fortnight – an initiative run by the Mother Tongue Department.

A wide range of activities were organised to encourage cultural discovery through experiential and engaging sessions. For example, in line with Chinese New Year, traditional Chinese handicrafts, such as Chinese knot, Paper Cutting, Seal Engraving and Chinese painting, were taught to student-athletes. They also tried their hand at making their own fruit yusheng and Chinese dumplings.

Traditional games, clay lamp painting, soft clay art, Sahibba (Scrabble) competition, Angklung appreciation and Pongal (sweet rice) making were also lined up to expose student-athletes to culture and heritage of the Malay and Indian communities.

Learning about culture through fun and enriching activities proved to be a hit among our student-athletes. We certainly hope that it sparked an interest to learn more about other cultures, and encouraged greater social understanding to live harmoniously in our multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society.