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You Did It Class of 2023!

Graduation Ceremony 2023

On 22 September 2023, the atmosphere in the School auditorium was charged with positivity as staff, parents and student-athletes gathered to celebrate the graduation of 131 student-athletes. They were dressed proudly in their red school blazers and formal attire, beaming with pride and joy during the special occasion which symbolised the closing of an important chapter in their lives and the commencement of a promising new journey.

102 student-athletes will be completing their secondary education journey, while another 29 will be graduating from the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).

The ceremony was honoured by the presence of Dr Valerie Teo, member of the School’s Board of Directors and President of the Singapore Bowling Federation. In her inspiring address, she instilled a sense of purpose and determination in our graduating student-athletes, urging them to nurture their passion, embody resilience, foster teamwork, and dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to the pursuit of their dreams.

Principal Ong Kim Soon, in his motivating speech, empowered our graduates with words of wisdom. He said: “You are the architect of your future, and you have the power to shape it into something remarkable. Set your path towards your goal, and give your best.”

The stage also belonged to our valedictorians, Azfar Luqman Ong, representing the Secondary cohort, and Eleanor Quah Yu Wei representing the IBDP cohort. They eloquently shared their unique Sports School experiences, reflecting on the profound impact it had on their journey. In their heartfelt speeches, they also expressed their deep gratitude to all those who steadfastly supported them throughout their sporting endeavours.

The programme extended beyond mere words and speeches. Student-athletes fondly revisited their unforgettable moments, particularly from their early days as Secondary 1 student-athletes through video montages. A meticulously crafted video presentation also added a personal touch to the event, with dedicated staff members extending their warm wishes to the graduating cohort.

Congratulations Class of 2023! Your journey is characterised by unwavering dedication and exceptional accomplishments, in sports and studies. The path ahead is bright, and we believe that you will continue to shine brilliantly in all your endeavours.

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