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Eleanor’s Triumph Over Challenges And Dreams

Student Feature - Eleanor Quah Yu Wei

Eleanor Quah Yu Wei
Valedictorian (IBDP), Class of 2023

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Artistic swimmer Eleanor Quah Yu Wei once harboured a dream of becoming a competitive swimmer. However, she soon realised that swimming did not hold her interest. Influenced by her mother, she ventured into Artistic Swimming at eight and instantly fell in love with the sport.

Her deep passion for Artistic Swimming ignited her desire to excel in the sport. To pursue her dream further, the former Chongfu School student made the decision to enrol in Sports School at Secondary 1, so that she could pursue her academic studies and athletic ambitions at the same time.

Eleanor explained, "What particularly drew me to the Sports School programme was its remarkable athlete-friendly support and boarding experience, which enabled me to pursue both my academic and athletic goals. Additionally, my first Artistic Swimming club was based at Sports School, making this place very familiar and holding some of my most cherished childhood memories."

Her sporting journey is marked by challenges and stress. As an IBDP Year 6 student-athlete, she had to navigate rigorous academic demands, intense competition, and training schedule. However, it also proved to be a rewarding journey as she acquired prioritisation skills, discipline, resilience, and perseverance during the most trying times.

Her unwavering hard work and dedication ultimately paid off when she secured her place in the 19th Asian Games. Furthermore, her well-rounded character earned her the prestigious role of Valedictorian, representing the IBDP cohort.

On her achievements, Eleanor was beyond grateful as she had gained more than what she had initially set out to achieve.

She shared, "It has been a unique and an amazing six years at Sports School where I witnessed my growth in both sports and life. Along this journey, I was supported by many wonderful individuals, including teachers, mentors, and classmates, who served as my pillars of strength. They provided me with immense encouragement and unwavering support whenever I faced challenges, and for that, I am deeply grateful."

Looking ahead, Eleanor aspires to continue her studies at a university while simultaneously pursuing her athletic career.

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