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Becoming A Champion In Life

Graduation 2020: International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

Instead of taking the GCE O-Level pathway, netballer Ann-Margaret Mascrinhas chose to move on to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) two years ago to take advantage of the holistic programme and athlete-friendly school support. She is now one of the 22 IBDP student-athletes who will be graduating from Singapore Sports School, equipped with life skills needed to take her further in sports and life.

“One thing about the IBDP that really intrigued me is that it doesn’t only take into consideration your academics. It’s a holistic programme that really teaches you skills that you’d find yourself using in life after studies. For instance, we have to do quite a few presentations that are part of our syllabus. So, it really forces us to take the initiative to speak up and voice our opinions. That really honed my reflective and communication skills amongst many others, which makes the programme unique and different,” shared Ann-Margaret on how the IBDP curriculum has prepared her for the future.

Having spent her four-year secondary education with Sports School, it was a natural choice for Ann-Margaret to pursue a post-secondary education in a familiar environment that is conducive for her sport development. Besides having top-notch coaches who have helped her to focus on areas that she lacked in, and provided her with specialised training which is beneficial for her progression in the sport, her coaches also understood her struggle to balance both sport and studies, and motivated her to keep working hard. In studies, academic teachers also did not hesitate to spend extra time to help her catch up with school work.

“My proudest sport achievement by far is being part of the respective national age-group teams (U14, U17 and U19 team) which has allowed me to train alongside different players and exposed me to higher levels of play. I may not be the one who topped the level in terms of studies but it’s really small achievements like being first or top three in tests that motivate me to achieve better results. Overall, the Sports School experience has been fantastic and worthwhile. The staff has been nothing but the best, and their support has definitely made my time in Sports School easier,” said Ann-Margaret as she recollected her six-year Sports School journey.

Upon graduation, she is aiming towards playing in the Netball Super League – a challenge she threw to herself to continue training competitively in the sport. Academically, she is looking forward to pursuing a University degree, while garnering working experience in a legal firm.