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For Students, By Students

Post-Exam Activities: Student Leaders-Led Activities

By Cheryl Wee
Netball Academy, IBDP Year 5

From past experience, engaging our classmates or batchmates has always been difficult, especially when it is a common activity that is planned for the whole school. Therefore, by having student leaders lead activities in their respective mentor groups, it allowed student leaders an opportunity to organise an activity that their individual batchmates are interested in. Some chose to play card and board games, some watched movies, and others engaged in outdoor sport games like volleyball and teqball.

Student-athletes came up with activities and games that were customised for their mentor groups based on their peers’ interests. This student-led initiative not only gave all student leaders an equal opportunity to lead their mentor groups and the autonomy to organise their own programme, but also facilitated the strengthening of friendships within the mentor groups. For example, we had to come up with a plan for the intended activity, including identifying a suitable location and equipment required to carry out the activity. The planning process while simple, made us more aware of the logistics and safe-management measures that go behind organising events. Student leaders were also made to scrutinise our proposed activities and the intent by thinking of how exactly it will benefit our respective groups.

“The student leaders-led activity was a chance for my batch to forge even closer friendships than we already have and the series of games we played helped us to get to know each other better. Time with our friends is more limited now and since we had no competitions this year, it was a great opportunity for us student-athletes to spend quality time with our peers,” said Secondary 2 bowler Ashley Victoria Lok.

As a student leader, I too have learnt many things from the whole process, such as how to plan for future activities as well as to be more conscious of Safe Management Measures when coming up with an activity proposal.