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Deepavali Celebrations Lights Up Classrooms

Post-Exam Activities: Indian Cultural Appreciation and Mother Tongue Cross-Cultural Programme

As Deepavali falls on 14 November 2020, an Indian cultural appreciation session was organised on 6 November for student-athletes to learn more about the Festival of Lights. Unlike previous years, Deepavali celebrations were brought to the classrooms where student-athletes learnt the true meaning of Deepavali and how it is celebrated by the Hindus. They also watched a video on how Deepavali came about. The session ended with clay lamp painting during which student-athletes could express their creativity and artistic skills. The painting of clay lamps is a significant activity as Deepavali means a row of lights, and clay lamps are typically lit in households to symbolise the festival.

The Indian cultural appreciation session to commemorate Deepavali was organised by the Mother Tongue Department as part of their Mother Tongue cross-cultural programme, to enable student-athletes to appreciate the cultures in our multi-racial and multi-ethnic society. Other activities organised to appreciate the Chinese and Malay cultures were a kite-painting activity and an angklung workshop respectively.