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School, Parents In Partnership Towards Nurturing Champions

Partnership With Parents

Behind almost every successful athlete is a supportive parent. Parents play a critical role in the development of a child, helping their child discover their talents and aspirations, and providing the support necessary for the child to fulfil his dreams.

Likewise, Singapore Sports School’s success in nurturing Learned Champions With Character would not be possible without the support from parents. Recognising that parents are a key stakeholder in producing student-athletes who develop into Champions In Sport, Champions For Sport and Champions In Life, Sports School values the amiable working relationship with parents.

Sports School makes a conscientious effort to keep parents up-to-date on school initiatives and plans, and student-athletes’ progress through School-Parents Meetings and Parent-Staff-Student Conferences, both held twice yearly. Outside of the four formal sessions, staff make an effort to keep parents updated should there be important matters concerning their child.

To create a proper communication channel between parents and school, the Sporting Parents Network (SPN) was formed in 2006 (read here). The parent support group saw like-minded parents working together to provide feedback and improve processes and initiatives in the School. Over the years, the SPN has made significant contributions to the betterment of the school. They have had a hand in improving food quality, been on the frontline at recruitment events by sharing their experiences to other sporting parents, and also mediated when contentious issues were raised by parents.

“The school has enjoyed tremendous good working relationship with our parents, particularly facilitated by the Sporting Parents Network, led by Colin Foo and his team. This has strengthened the quality of our policies, programmes and processes for our student-athletes and parents, as well as the two-way communication and engagement. Going forward, we are working with the SPN to further strengthen parent education and support, so that our parents can better support our student-athletes,” said Sports School Principal Mr Ong Kim Soon.

Recognising that parents and Sports School have the same goal of fulfilling the potential of student-athletes in sport, academics, and as an individual in mind, the School hopes a focus on parent education will benefit both parent and student-athlete. The set of papers, prepared by parent Kuk Hun Yi, father of golf twins Justin Kuk Zheng Zhong (Extended DSLM) and Jason Kuk Jian Jie (alumnus), provide a parent’s perspective on how parents can support their student-athlete child. Hun Yi is also the SPN’s 1st Vice-Chairman.

Parents are often the most ardent supporters, and Sports School is privileged to have parents on the same side rooting for their children’s success.