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Sporting Values In Action

Values in Action

SSP Para Games 2018_273.jpg
Tyeisha Khoo (third from right) cheering on a participant at the Singapore Sports School Para Games in 2018

As an athlete, possessing the talent and ability to win medals is not enough. These sportsmen are often looked up to as role models, idols and heroes by children or aspiring athletes. Sportsmen are expected to exemplify good character and conduct, and have the potential to influence. Therefore, at Singapore Sports School, student-athletes are nurtured holistically into Learned Champions With Character.

In Sports School, student-athletes regularly demonstrate their values in action. Through Values in Action (VIA) activities and projects, student-athletes have opportunities to be ambassadors for the sport they love and spread the love for sport to others.

For several years, the Sports School had partnered Singapore Disability Sports Council and Special Olympics Singapore to raise awareness and funds for athletes with disabilities. Student-athletes did their part by collecting donations and helping to stage several editions of a para games for their counterparts.

That experience left a profound impact on Track and Field Academy student-athlete Tyeisha Rene Misson Khoo. “I witnessed the athletes persevering and never once did they think about giving up. Their attitude encouraged me and was motivation for me to push on because if the less-fortunate are excelling to their best of their abilities, how can I still complain and whine about my life? Since then, I had always pushed myself and motivate myself to do well,” said the hurdler who is now in Year 2 of the Diploma in Business programme at Sports School.

Student-athletes also get the chance to put their sport knowledge to the test as they become coaches during the VIAs. For instance, this year, the Bowling and Shooting Academies will be partnering North West Community Development Council to deliver introductory lessons on bowling and shooting, respectively, to participants.

Back in 2016, Tyeisha and her teammates conducted a games session for children at MOE Kindergarten@Punggol View. “They were just simple games but we were able to impart certain skills and tips, such as how to throw a bean bag with the correct posture and arm position, which can help them in sports in the future. I hope that my batch left a positive impact on them and made them look forward to their PE lessons in school, and also contributed to growing their interest in sports.”