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New Year, New Faces, New Hope

Secondary 1 Orientation Camp

Their eyes were wide open, juggling the feeling of uncertainty with the weight of their packed bags, all while scanning their new environment like a professional footballer. That weird feeling of trying to fit in wore off quickly as soon as they spotted a familiar friend. Soon, it was time to say a quick goodbye to their parents and our student leaders welcomed them to the pack and started the Sports School Orientation Camp (SSOC) 2024 held from 2 to 5 January 2024.

Through simple yet enjoyable ice-breaker games, our new Secondary 1 student-athletes loosened their knots and started to know each other a little more. They also had a taste of boarding and were briefed on how they could go about their daily activities as a student-athlete in a well-supported school environment.

They started the school term with school assembly. They immersed themselves in the school culture through the school dance led by Secondary 4 student-athlete, Jayden Ng from the Track and Field Academy. The fun and games that followed throughout the day made them feel more at home.

As student-athletes, they also were exposed to the mental aspects of managing expectations and how they can make the most of their time in Sports School. Lessons from the Champions saw alumnus and artistic swimmer Eleanor Quah, and newly minted Wushu World Champion Zeanne Law share about how they set and achieve their goals as student-athletes. They also participated in a learning journey, multi-sport experience, sports activities, and boarding activities. Interactions with their coaches and mentors broadened their perspective on what lies ahead. 

On the final day of SSOC, they embarked on a 5km fun run led by the student leaders. They ended their run at the Auditorium to the applause of their parents and loved ones before receiving their official red school polo T-shirt and a collar pin, symbolic of their initiation into Sports School.

As they hit the ground running in their new journey with us, they can be assured that they have all the support the School can provide them and we look forward to growing with all of them.

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Don't miss out on the latest Sports, Academics and other school news!
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