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Celebrating Lunar New Year With Sree Narayana

Values in Action: Swimming Academy

Elderly residents at Sree Narayana Mission (Singapore) visited Singapore Sports School on 30 January 2018 to partake in a Lunar New Year celebratory lunch with the school.

Sree Narayana, the Swimming Academy’s beneficiary, joined in the festivities which began with a Lion dance performance by student-athletes from the Track and Field Academy. In addition to a steamboat lunch, the elderly also tried their hand at making tangyuan, during the creative tangyuan-making activity organised by Sports School’s Chinese Language teachers.

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to get to know the elderly residents better, this being my fourth time meeting some of them. It was unexpectedly fulfilling to spend time with them, listen to their stories and give them a few short hours to enjoy themselves. Entertaining performances by fellow student-athletes and staff definitely helped to liven the mood.”
Candice Ang Ruo Han, Secondary 4

“Hosting a 107-year-old lady definitely made 30 January 2019 an unforgettable morning. As some of the elderly had difficulty seeing, hearing and talking, I had to be patient in communicating with them. I also had to ensure that food pieces were small enough for them to chew and swallow. These are invaluable experiences that I do not get often as it teaches me patience and heightens my awareness to others’ needs.”
Crystal Leong Jingping, Secondary 3