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Alumni Association To Forge Stronger Community For Present, Past Student-Athletes

Launch of Singapore Sports School Alumni Association

In 2006, Singapore Sports School saw its first batch of student-athletes graduate. Fifteen years on, many more batches of student-athletes have completed their education at Sports School and gone on to achieve success as full-time athletes or as professionals in the working realm.

While much has evolved since the school first opened its doors in 2004, the unique experience of being a student-athlete at the Sports School is a commonality that acts as a bond for past and present student-athletes.

Recognising the value of experiential knowledge that alumni possess, the Singapore Sports School Alumni Association was set-up to harness their expertise to grow the sport community. The Alumni Association was officially launched on 28 January 2021 at the Sports School’s annual Awards Night. Alumna Janice Yun Hui Wen, who was Guest-of-Honour, Principal Ong Kim Soon, and Board Chairman Tan Gee Keow were part of the proceedings to launch the Association.

“The Singapore Sports School Alumni Association will work towards fostering a strong community among past and present student-athletes; consolidating our diverse knowledge, skillsets and experiences to guide others who come after us. I hope that past and present student-athletes will continue to mutually inspire and spur each other on as we forge our own paths in sport and life,” said Janice, Alumni Association President. The former Table Tennis Academy student-athlete is currently a national ultimate frisbee player and a lawyer.

The Association also seeks to provide a formal structure where Sports School’s current and former student-athletes can be better supported in pursuing sport, further education, and even their careers.

With a diverse group of individuals, a key feature of the Alumni Association is the networking and mentoring opportunities it presents to members, as well as current student-athletes. Members have an avenue to seek – or offer – guidance from their peers and to juniors who are charting their journeys as athletes, students or working adults. Through the collaboration with the Sports School, members of the Association will have access to, as well as contribute to Education and Career Guidance resources, to help our athletes, as they transition through the different phases of life, professional athlete or otherwise.

Reflecting on her days as a student-athlete, Janice said: “I was proud of everything that I had achieved as an athlete and a student, but I often wondered, ‘How can I still pursue these both sides of me, even as I exit the Sports School? Is there some kind of manual that can help me navigate life after graduation?’

“Unfortunately, there isn’t. But I do believe that we have the potential to create the next best thing with the Alumni Association. The Education and Career Guidance initiatives will hopefully give student-athletes valuable insight into further schooling options, internship opportunities and diverse career tracks. The Alumni Association and the School will work together in empowering student-athletes to discover their direction and unlock their fullest potential as they progress into the next phase of their life.

“I would love to see our alumni community actively participate in the events we will be organising in the coming years,” she shared. “Alumni can also take the opportunity to visit the School, its staff and teachers, re-connect with friends and re-live the adrenaline-filled and vibrant school days. I think we all have a lot to give – who knows, maybe a shared word or two may save someone from sleepless nights."

Former student-athletes can also look forward to receiving support in terms of sport training where possible, as they continue to pursue their sport aspirations.