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7 In 10 Score 40 Points And More

2015 IBDP Examination Results

Posted: 5 January 2016

L-R Bernard Ong Soon Yang 42 Deborah Wong Weng Ee 43 Daphne Oh Xin Yi 41.jpg
L-R: Bernard Ong Soon Yang (42), Deborah Wong Weng Ee (43), Daphne Oh Xin Yi (41)

Seven in 10 of Singapore Sports School’s first cohort of student-athletes who sat for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Examination in November 2015 has achieved 40 points and more, out of a maximum score of 45.

Among them, seven student-athletes were specially mentioned by Principal Tan Teck Hock when he released the results on 5 January 2016 afternoon – netball player Deborah Wong Weng Ee, pole vaulter Brian Ho Ren Jie, badminton players Bernard Ong Soon Yang and Clarabelle Koh Pei Lin, shooters Audrey Lim Jia Min and Nicole Tay Wei Ting, and bowler Daphne Oh Xin Yi. They were raised as role-models for having achieved commendable outcomes in both sports and studies.

“Sports School is delighted with the results. Our student-athletes and teachers worked very hard to deliver on our promise, that at the Sports School it is possible to combine regular sport training and academic studies, and achieve quality results,” said Mr Tan.

“Among our top student-athletes, Deborah, at 17 years old in 2014, was selected for the National U21 netball team; Bernard represented Singapore at the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games; and Daphne, President of the Student’s Council, won the 2015 Australia National Youth Cup Ladies’ division and 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals at the 2015 Australia National Youth Challenge to help the Sports School win the Overall Women’s Team trophy. Daphne has received a provisional offer to study Zoology at the University of Western Australia and she will start her Summer Semester 1 in February; with her results, I am sure that her place there is confirmed.”

In June 2015, Singapore Sports School signed a Memorandum of Understanding with International Baccalaureate Organization and World Academy of Sport, allowing selected student-athletes in high performance sport up to four years to complete their post-secondary IBDP.

“With the MOU, our top sport performers will have the advantage of a longer runway to develop their sport while pursuing a post-secondary diploma leading to a university education. Sports School will continue to enhance the flexibility in our academic programmes and offer options to youth athletes who are serious about representing Team Singapore at the highest level,” said Mr Tan.

Nine student-athletes who started on this post-secondary programme on 4 January 2016 have opted for this longer pathway.

Principal Tan Teck Hock speaking to student-athletes parents and staff.jpg
Principal Tan Teck Hock speaking to student-athletes, parents and staff

Daphne Oh Xin Yi gets congratulatory hug from mum Chong Kin Fu.jpg
Daphne Oh Xin Yi gets congratulatory hug from mum, Chong Kin Fu