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Class of 2022 Score in Academics

Results Release: International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and GCE O-Level Examinations

The Class of 2022, who did their final International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) added to the cheer and excitement on the first day of school.

About 67% of the 21 student-athletes in the Class of 2022 scored 40 points or more out of a maximum of 45 points. 13 of them juggled studies with their sporting commitments as an athlete in the National Youth Squad or National Team. Despite their heavy sporting commitments, all 13 of them scored 38 points or more for their final examinations.

Among them was fencer Joel Chiu Ka Jyn, who won a team gold at his first Southeast Asian (SEA) Games last year. To pursue sports seriously, Joel took up the extended programme – a decision that paid off for him as he scored more than 40 points. Joel shared, “Over the past years, I have been travelling extensively to attend competitions such as the world championships and the SEA Games. Supportive teachers played a crucial role in keeping me in check by offering me make-up classes so that I can catch up on my studies. I am grateful for the strong support system at Sports School that allows one to focus on their studies while remaining passionate about their sport.”

Shuttlers Sabrina Lee Jingyi and Alexis Lee are among the top scorers in the Class of 2022 batch. They have been playing badminton together since they were 7 years old, and have been in the same class since they were in Primary 4. They have been each other’s confidantes, motivators and strong supporters. Their friendship just got even sweeter as the former badminton doubles partners scored the same results for their IBDP - a double-four (44 points)! The two of them, who were also roommates at Boarding, are grateful to have had each other throughout their sporting and academic journey. On her thoughts when she received her results, Alexis shared, “When I first got my results, I was ecstatic! Now that some time has passed and everything has sunk in, I am more relieved that my hard work over the past two years has paid off, but even more grateful for the friendships forged on this journey and thankful for everyone that supported me throughout.” She added, “Hardwork is pivotal in achieving success. Personally, it took a lot of self-determination and discipline to put other 'fun' stuff aside and go back to studying or writing the essays.”

On 12 January 2023, it was the GCE O-Level batch’s turn to receive their results. Like their seniors, they scored well to progress to the next stage of their lives. Ashley Victoria Lok (Bowling), Eng Yi Hui (Bowling), Farhah Qistina Mohammed Faizel (Fencing), and Luke Wang Yu Zheng (Table Tennis) received special mentions for balancing their sports and studies well as National Youth Squad members.

Ashley, who graduated with a good report card, is an all-rounder who has been inducted into the National Development Squad, and has contributed to the School off the lanes as a sports captain and class representative. She is thankful to Sports School’s staff for their guidance and mentorship. “My mentor reviewed my results with me for every module and set realistic goals with me so that I could stay on task. My teachers were extremely approachable and never failed to lend me a helping hand. Even when I was asking questions over the weekend, they would readily guide me through my assignments and even offer to have virtual learning sessions. My coaches were also extremely understanding and encouraged me throughout my O-Level journey,” she shared. Ashley hopes to get into a media communications course in the polytechnic.

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