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Roaring For Exemplary Character

ROAR Awards (January 2023)

Secondary 1 Netballer Chyler Lim Feng Ting displayed her kind-hearted nature, empathy and care for others within days of joining the School. When she found out that her academy teammate was injured during the Secondary 1 Orientation Camp and needed a wheelchair to move around, she immediately reached out to her to provide care and support. Throughout the week, Chyler would push her teammate around in the wheelchair, accompanying her to boarding, classrooms, as well as her training venues, while ensuring her well-being.

Like Chyler, Secondary 3 and IBDP Year 6 student-athletes, Jennica Chan Cheng Ern and Janelle Lum Wai Yan, both from the Track and Field Academy, stepped up when the need arose.

Jennica took on the challenge to volunteer as the informal leader and coordinator for the Lion and Dragon Dance performing team for this year’s Chinese New Year celebration. She rallied her peers to volunteer for the performance and coordinated the practice sessions. Beyond mastering the movements of the Dragon Dance, she also had to learn the steps for the Hover Board performance. To put up an excellent performance, she inspired the team to have additional practice sessions in the evening, outside of the training hours.

As an EXCO member of the Student Council, Janelle has demonstrated excellence in the projects that the Student Leadership Team has undertaken. Besides playing a key role in the Orientation programme, Janelle was also one of the key leaders of the Anti-Bullying Week. She also took the initiative to come up with creative stickers for Chinese New Year, and disseminated the stickers through WhatsApp and the @lifeinssp Instagram page.

In recognition of their acts of kindness, high level of initiative and leadership, the three student-athletes were presented with ROAR Awards by Principal Ong Kim Soon.

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