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IN PICTURES: Total Defence Day

SAF-School Partnership Programme

It is not every day that you get to experience a soldier’s life. However, our student-athletes had the opportunity to explore what military life is like for half a day right here at Singapore Sports School. Through the SAF-School Partnership Programme, soldiers from the 15 C4I Battalion served up an exhibition in our Auditorium to curious student-athletes who had a taste of what the men in green have to offer.

What is it like serving National Service in the army? Student-athletes listen to a personal sharing by one of the soldiers.


The food is not bad! Combat ration puts a smile on their faces.

I wonder what this clip does? Getting hands-on experience with a grenade launcher mounted on the SAR 21 rifle.

Checking out the sights from the SAR 21 aiming scope.

“…and that is what we use this big drone for.” Leveraging technology for surveillance missions.

All you have to do is 60 sit-ups in 1 minute to get full points for this IPPT station. Let’s go!

Learning to do a standard push-up to make it count during the IPPT.

It takes focus to steady your hands when looking down the scope of a rifle.

You might want to check with the Sergeants whether you are applying the camo cream correctly.

We think he might have missed a spot.

The camo cream is not meant to enhance your jawline, but more to help you merge with your surroundings.

Controlling drones in real life beats any video simulation.

“Ok gentlemen, this is item number 12 in your field pack.” Among the items packed in the soldier’s field pack is a hydration bag.

Our female student-athletes get a feel of the weight of a field pack which a soldier must carry during his 24km route march.

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