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Principal's Message

Dear students-athletes, parents, friends,

We celebrate the start of this new school year – a testimony that we have done well, together with the rest of Singapore!

2020 was not a “wasted year” for our student-athletes; 2021 will be an even better year as we work together, and look out for one another.

The new year brings new hopes and new aspirations. I know each of our student-athletes will have new targets and plans, to strive and to achieve in your sport development and academic learning. We too, will do our utmost to help you become a better athlete, learner, and most importantly, a better person.

We must learn from the struggles of 2020, and be even more self-disciplined, resilient and gritty, as we face new challenges ahead. There will be many opportunities to exercise your good character and values, in your sport, academic pursuits, service and leadership.

Let us work together with our coaches, teachers, mentors, parents, and peers, to improve ourselves. It is in helping one another to become better, that we too, will become even better – stronger sparring partners at training, more insightful academic discussions as we share deeper knowledge and ideas; and most importantly, caring friends who will spur us towards greater heights, and comfort us when we fall, and celebrate with us when we soar.

Together, let us build an excellence-driven, caring Sports School, where everyone has a place to train, to learn and to grow.

Warmest wishes for the New Year!

Ong Kim Soon
Singapore Sports School