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Mastering Personal Well-Being

Mental Well-Being Week

Well-being is crucial for student-athletes as it directly impacts their performance, both on and off the field. Maintaining physical and mental health ensures they can excel in their chosen sport while succeeding academically. A balanced lifestyle, including proper nutrition, adequate rest, and stress management, enhances their endurance and reduces the risk of injuries.

This year’s Mental Well-Being Week theme of ‘Connecting Hearts, Embracing Differences’ took centre-stage from 25 to 29 September 2023. Led by our student councillors, they planned different activities to focus on the different aspects of well-being. It started with ‘Mindful Monday’, where our councillors shared about mindfulness and how it can lead to better socio-emotional well-being. They also led the school in breathing techniques and exercises to focus on their thoughts and emotions during assembly.

‘Together Tuesday’ discussed the negative impacts of isolation on well-being. Student-athletes also learned about how social connections can lead to position emotional well-being.

‘Identity Thursday’ was an engaging sharing by our school’s counsellors who talked about how developing a healthier social presence is linked to teenage identity.

Mood-boosting care packs containing essential items such as eye masks and snacks were also distributed to student-athletes at Boarding.

Well-being is not just a luxury; it is a necessity for student-athletes. It empowers them to perform at their best, both on the field of play and in the classroom. It also equips them with valuable life skills for the future.