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Exemplifying Spirit Of Inclusivity

ROAR Award of the Month – August 2023

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When student-athletes from Secondary 4 were approached to perform for the National Day celebration, they were instantly hesitant. However, upon learning that it would be a joint performance with students from the Woodlands Gardens School, they were willing to take up the challenge.

Singapore Sports School and Woodlands Gardens School collaborated for the first time to celebrate the nation’s 58th birthday. The joint celebration in Sports School on 8 August 2023 featured performances from both schools.

The 13 student-athletes selected for the performance showcased their sense of responsibility when they stepped up to ensure that they gave a good performance. In addition, they embodied values of unity and inclusivity when they engaged their fellow performers from Woodlands Gardens School and went the extra mile to make them feel welcomed and comfortable. Their acts of friendship and kindness, sense of responsibility, and spirit of inclusivity were instrumental in making the event a success.

Their efforts and exemplary character were recognised and rewarded with ROAR Awards. ROAR awards are given to student-athletes who exemplify the school values of Respect, Integrity, Responsibility, Excellence and Resilience.

ROAR Award Recipients

Bryant Ang (Bowling)
Rayden Lim (Bowling)
Victoria Leong (Bowling)
Logan Tan (Fencing)
Maaravis Sita Naidu (Fencing)
Ng Hao Lun (Table Tennis)
Bernyce Koh (Track And Field)
Bevlyn Koh (Track And Field)
Deshann Ooi (Track And Field)
Muhammad Zahin Abdul Jalil (Track And Field)
Karen Kang (Individual Programme - Diving)
Ryo Ong (Individual Programme - Ice Skating)
Isaac Ong (Individual Programme - Water Polo)

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