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Paddlers And Shuttlers Broaden Their Horizon In Sports And In Life

Asian Junior Sports Exchange Games

Sports School paddlers and shuttlers had more reasons to rejoice the reopening of borders as it has provided them with more opportunities to train and compete with their overseas counterparts. They were invited to take part in the Asia Junior Sports Exchange Games 2022, held in Tokyo, Japan, where they pit their skills against other international youth players.

Over the Exchange Games from 15 to 19 September 2022, shuttlers Justin Tay Ron Hsien and Axel Ng Li Wei (both Secondary 3) were part of the six-man Badminton Team that won a gold medal in the competition. The Singapore team played against Manila in the finals of the competition, with the Boys’ Singles, Girls’ Singles and Girls’ Doubles contributing a total of 3 points. Team Singapore eventually emerged victorious by the narrowest margin of 3-2 after an intense finals.

“The Asia Junior Sports Exchange Games was a fantastic experience. I am very thankful that Japan went ahead to organise this competition. The badminton team’s win at the competition was a momentous one for us, as it was the first time that badminton has won this competition since its inception,” said Justin.

Meanwhile, the all-Sports School Table Tennis team, consisting of Chloe Lai Neng Huen, Matthew Ellis Jingyang (both Secondary 3), Rhiannon Tey Yu Qian, Wayne Chiang Wee Hong, Zhou Jinghe (all Secondary 2) and Sie Lay Yin (Secondary 1) also achieved a commendable 6th place in their competition.

Beyond competitions, the student-athletes also made new friends and enjoyed the Japanese culture through visits to local schools.

“I got to know many overseas friends who shared the same passion as I do, and we can maintain our friendship over social media. At the same time, I also got to experience the culture of Japan by visiting their local school and immersed in the school life of a student in Japan. During the visit, I learnt different subjects in Japanese, and it was a wonderful experience. We also saw activities in their school that we don't normally see in Singapore, such as wood crafting, as well as played badminton with the Japanese students,” shared Justin.

Paddler Jinghe found the trip equally enjoyable and fun. He said: “I made so many friends from overseas, as well as experienced new things through this trip. If given a choice, I would definitely go on this trip again. A big thank you to all those who made this trip possible.”


Badminton – Gold
Justin Tay Ron Hsien
Axel Ng Li Wei

Table Tennis – 6th
Zhou Jinghe
Matthew Ellis JingYang
Wayne Chiang Wee Hong
Chloe Lai Neng Nuen
Rhiannon Tey Yu Qian
Sie Lay Yin

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