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Going Above And Beyond

ROAR Awards – August 2022

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Shuttler Axel Ng Li Wei (Secondary 3), bowler Ashley Victoria Lok (Secondary 4), and shooter Au Yong Qing Yong (IBDP, Year 5) rose to the occasion during their involvement in school events and projects. For their exemplary attitude, they received the ROAR Award. The ROAR Award is presented on a monthly basis to exemplary student-athletes who exhibit the school values of Respect, Integrity, Responsibility, Excellence and Resilience.

Axel was initially approached to be part of the singing group for the National Day Celebrations. Axel would diligently learn the songs, even when he was unwell. When he was asked to double up as one of the leads for community singing, Axel readily took on the role. On the night before the event, the emcee of the National Day Celebration was down with COVID-19. Though it was just hours before the event, Axel was game to take the microphone as the emcee of the event. That evening, he worked with staff to rehearse his lines, and he did an excellent job! Axel’s positive attitude and good demonstration of teamwork are truly commendable.

His co-emcee at the National Day celebration was Ashely Victoria Lok. Ashley, is a role-model student-athlete who is ever-ready to take on new challenges and roles, and carries out tasks responsibly. She volunteered to emcee the National Day Celebration. Together with Axel, they were able to lead the event, and rouse the crowd.

Ashely also helped to promote Clean and Green efforts in the School. She showed enthusiasm and good initiative in delivering a good job. Not only did she come up with a plan and presented it to the student body during assembly, she also went beyond by designing a ‘Clean and Green’ poster for every classroom.

Shooter Au Yong Qing Yong has become a fixture at nearly most key School events, but many do not know it as he dons the costume of the School’s mascot Roar each time. Being suited up in the mascot’s costume, perspiring profusely, and manoeuvring in the costume is challenging. Yet, Qing Yong has brought energy and life to events as he takes on the challenge enthusiastically. To ensure continuity, Qing Yong started looking for another person to take on the role during Youth Day celebrations this year. He guided his junior patiently to learn the ropes of being a mascot. For his spirit of service and strong sense of responsibility, Qing Yong was recognised with the ROAR Award.

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