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Thank You, Staff!

Staff Day Celebration 2021 

Throughout the year, staff at Singapore Sports School keep the well-being and development of student-athletes at the top of their mind. The last two years have been particularly challenging for staff as they navigate through the new normal, adjust to changes in teaching and learning, and come up with new way to engage student-athletes. Despite the challenges, staff have kept student-athletes best interests in their heart, and have been committed towards making Sports School a good place to study, live and play.

Once a year, the focus will be turned towards staff on Staff Day. This year, celebrations were held on 2 September 2021 where student-athletes took the opportunity to show their appreciation to those who have nurtured and inspired them. Though it is another year of smaller scale celebrations in the classrooms, student leaders took great lengths to make Staff Day just as special. 

The celebrations started with a video interview with some of Team Sports School’s Olympians who spoke of their Tokyo Games experiences and shared ‘thank you’ messages for Sports School staff. Staff were then treated to an entertaining video where student-athletes expressed their appreciation through messages, montages, skits and performances. Fun staff-student games were played in the classrooms, too, to add to the cheer and laughter. Student leaders also prepared a gift and personalised message for every staff member in the school. 

The unsung heroes in the school – those who take are of food, laundry, cleaning, gardening and security – were also celebrated. Led by Individual Programme student-athletes as part of their Values-in-Action project, the student-athletes produced a short video to pay tribute to them and treated them to performances. Principal Ong Kim Soon then handed them appreciation gifts.

On 3 September 2021, besides celebrating Staff Day with a school holiday, it was also Coaches’ Day. Prior to it, student-athletes penned their messages thanking coaches for their hard work and dedication. Coaches’ Day is a nation-wide initiative by CoachSG to recognise the tremendous impact coaches have on student-athletes and national athletes. 

Thank You, Staff! 

Watch the appreciation video produced by student-athletes to staff here

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