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Career Paths Mapped Out

Education and Career Guidance Webinar

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From being an entrepreneur, to becoming a digital marketer, social media influencer, healthcare professional, law practitioner, accountant and events planner, our student-athletes are never short of career options. However, choosing the right career that best meet their passion is always a difficult decision. To help our student-athletes better understand their career options and map out their career path based on their interest, an Education and Career Guidance Webinar was conducted on 21 September 2021 for the upper Secondary and Post-Secondary student-athletes.

Based on their interest and passion, student-athletes were able to choose from a selection of webinars where they had the opportunity to virtually meet professionals from different industries, most of whom are their seniors.. They include alumni Kerstin Ong (Digital Marketing and Social Media Influencing), Matthew Goh (Finance/Accounting), Mike Loh Xian Yan (Business/Entrepreneurship), Vanessa Teo (Law), and Zena Sim (Event Management and Planning), and medical professional Dr Justin Chiu. 

“I attended the webinar by Mike Loh who is the Co-founder and COO of Chopsticks and Bibs, a local food and beverage group. I learnt about the challenges of being an entrepreneur and what it takes to become one. It gave me more insight as it allowed me to plan my career for the future better so that I will not end up doing something that I am not interested in”, shared Teo Jia En who is in the Diploma in Business, a Polytechnic programme offered in collaboration with Republic Polytechnic.

IBDP Year 5 student-athlete Sabrina Lee Jingyi who attended the webinar by Dr Justin Chiu has also benefitted from the sharing. “The sharing was really insightful and I got to learn more about the lifestyle of doctors and how it differs greatly by specialty. I felt the speaker was especially candid about his education pathway and the values he holds, which allows him to juggle his busy career and personal life,” said Sabrina.

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