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Award For Exemplary Efforts In Teaching

Distinguished Chinese Language Teachers Award 2021

Photo Credit: Lianhe Zaobao

Language proficiency is more than learning how to read and write from our textbooks, but it comes with usage in our daily lives. The learning of Chinese Language is becoming more challenging as it is not the primary language our youths speak at home today. To this end, Chinese Language teacher Tan Hwee Noi aims to make her lessons interesting and lively so as to intrigue interest in her student-athletes towards the Language and its cultures. This includes conducting cooking classes in the classroom, such as making dumplings, to allow student-athletes to better appreciate the meanings behind some Chinese festivals. On other instances, she also used creative ways to teach the subject, such designing fun activities that are in line with the curriculum.  

However, in her 20 years of teaching, she has realised that the most effective way to help her student-athletes love the language is through building a strong trusting relationship with them. “No student will enjoy learning from someone whom they dislike. By building a strong connection with them, we create an environment which they feel safe to make mistake, and a learning space where everyone can laugh at their own mistakes and celebrate small success,” shared Hwee Noi. 

Hwee Noi’s exemplary efforts in the teaching of the Chinese Language and culture was recognised at the Distinguished Chinese Language Teachers Award presentation ceremony on 11 September. She was selected from a pool of about 340 teachers from 163 schools, and together with 8 other Chinese teachers, Hwee Noi received the Award from Education Minister Chan Chun Sing. 

On receiving the Award, Hwee Noi said: “Every teacher works hard to engage their students through meaningful ways, and there are many others who are just as deserving of the Award. Receiving the Award doesn't mark the end as there is still much learning ahead as the educational landscape evolves.”

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