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Thanking Village That Raises Champions

2019 Staff Day Celebrations

For all the sternness shown in the classrooms, no-nonsense attitude on the field, and gruelling training on the courts; the care, concern and commitment of school staff towards their student-athletes remain a constant. Employees of the school’s service contract companies such as the cleaners, landscapers, food catering staff, laundry service staff and security service staff work quietly behind the scenes to keep our school compound clean and green, and ensure student-athletes’ safety and well-being away from home.

It is this village that works and strives together to provide a conducive environment for raising champions. Singapore Sports School student-athletes paid tribute to staff and unsung heroes of the school on 30 August, one week ahead of Staff Day which falls on 6 September.

Our student-athletes put up a heart-warming appreciation concert with videos, a skit and musical items which saw all in attendance at the Auditorium grooving along to song and dance. Each staff received an appreciation note penned by student-athletes, while our unsung heroes were treated to a lunch in our school in appreciation of their service.

The annual Staff Dinner was held on the same evening at Sky Garden in Sentosa, joined by Board members and the Sporting Parents Network. Several staff and Board members also enjoyed an indoor skydiving experience before the dinner event held at the rooftop of the building. Awards such as Staff Team of the Year, Teacher of the Year, Coach of the Year and Boarding Mentor of the Year were presented in recognition of the outstanding contributions of staff.